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12V Heated Blanket Guide: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

12V Heated Blanket

Lucas Lu |

shivering in a camping trip,

Are you shivering in a tent on a cool night camping trip, shivering on a restful night of a tiring road trip, and struggling with the use of energy-hungry propane or electric heaters.
Cozy. Warm. Anytime, Anywhere. That's the power of the 12V Heated Blanket. Say goodbye to shivering in a cold room or freezing on a long trip.
In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the world of 12V heated blankets - unlocking their secrets and benefits and guiding you to the best heated blanket for 2024. At the end of the article, we'll tell you what to look out for and some frequently asked questions.

What Is A 12V Heated Blanket?

The 12V Heated Blanket is a portable cordless blanket that provides warmth through the use of a 12V rechargeable power source. It can be used with a variety of devices such as DC output power supplies, car cigarette lighters, etc. and is very versatile. The advent of 12v heating blanket technology has freed traditional heating blankets from wall power.
Basically, it is a cordless electric blanket!


How Does A 12V Heated Blanket Work? 

12V Heating Blankets operate by transforming electrical energy into heat through a DC interface cable. Within their design, you'll find specialized heating elements or wires that spring to life when linked to a power source.
These heating components are meticulously integrated into the blanket, typically in the shape of heating pads, ensuring uniform heat dispersion. As soon as the connection is established, the blanket initiates the warming process, offering a toasty environment for activities such as relaxation, work, or sleep, with the potential to reach temperatures as high as 149 degrees Fahrenheit, embracing the body in comforting warmth.


How Much Wattage Does 12V Heated Blanket Use?

The power consumption of 12V heated blankets typically varies between 35 and 60 watts, contingent upon factors such as the brand, battery model, and blanket size. Smaller blankets or those featuring lower heat settings tend to consume around 35 to 45 watts, while larger blankets equipped with higher heat settings can draw up to 60 watts. It's imperative to verify the specific wattage of your chosen heated blanket, as this metric can differ among various products. You'll typically find this information detailed in the product's specifications or user manual.

For those seeking to calculate the wattage in practical usage scenarios (often not explicitly provided by the product), you can employ the following formula:

(Wattage ≈ Power Bank Capacity / Usage Duration) × Power Bank Output

This calculation will yield an approximation of the wattage consumed by the blanket during its operation.


Do 12V Heated Blankets Work?

Absolutely, 12V heated blankets are highly effective and offer a multitude of advantages. Here's why:

Energy Efficiency: Cordless heated blankets are known for their energy efficiency, consuming less power compared to traditional electric heating methods. This not only saves energy but also reduces your utility bills.
Portability: Most 12V heated blankets are exceptionally lightweight and compact, making them effortless to carry and store. They're an excellent addition to your gear for outdoor activities.
Durability: 12V heated blankets are typically constructed from robust materials designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures such as camping and car trios. They are built to last.
Versatility: These blankets are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come in various sizes to cater to different needs and preferences.
It's important to note that while 12v cordless heated blankets offer portability and convenience, they will not reach the same level of warmth or heat as 110V/120V wall plug electric blankets. Check the ultimate comparison between cordless heated blankets and wall plug heated blankets.


Are 12V Heated Blankets Safe?

When it comes to 12V heating blankets, safety is paramount when used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. However, exercising caution and adhering to safety recommendations is crucial:
Check for Damage: Avoid using a 12V heating blanket that is torn or frayed, as this can pose safety risks.
Heating Element: Ensure that the heating element is not covered, as this can help prevent overheating and reduce the risk of potential fire hazards.
Power Off: Always turn off the 12V heating blanket when it's not in use or when you leave the area to mitigate any risks.
Choose Safety: Opt for a 12V heating blanket that comes with a safety guarantee. Look for safety features like certifications or built-in overheating protection to ensure worry-free usage.
Cleaning Instructions: Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions diligently. While some heating blankets are machine washable, others may require spot cleaning to maintain their safety and functionality.
It's essential to understand that 12V heating blankets are primarily designed for personal use, providing localized warmth and comfort. They should not be used as a replacement for traditional bedding or considered a permanent heating solution.


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How long will a 12-volt battery run an electric blanket?

The heating time of a 12V battery heated blanket depends it’s output and it’s power bank capacity. Typically speaking, a 20000mAh battery can heat up a 12v heated blanket for up to 8 hours in 104℉.


How much power does a 12v electric blanket use?

A typical 12-volt electric blanket usually needs 3 amps of current. The exact power usage can vary between different electric blankets, but, in general, 12V electric blankets use much less power compared to regular ones. They typically use 35-60 watts, while regular electric blankets use 200-400 watts. This means that 12V electric blankets are more energy-efficient and cost less to use.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if you want to save on energy, it's a good idea to pick an electric blanket instead of a space heater because electric blankets use less electricity.


Can you plug a 12V heated blanket into a car?

Yes, a car battery can power a 12V electric blanket. Most car batteries are 12 volts, matching the electric blanket's voltage requirement. Some 12V electric blankets come with a cord long enough to reach the back seat of a car. You can do this if you have a plug used in a cigarette lighter socket, which is common in most SUVs and trucks.

How long can you run a 12V electric blanket with a car battery?

The time a battery can run an electric blanket depends on the battery's capacity and the blanket's power usage. For example, with a 50Ah battery and a blanket drawing 3A, the blanket could run for about 16.67 hours. This is a rough estimate; actual time may vary due to factors like inverter efficiency (if used), the blanket's actual power draw, and the battery's condition. Remember not to drain the battery completely to ensure your car can still start.


Are 12V portable heated blankets safe for pets?

You can safely use 12V portable heated blankets for brief periods while closely supervising your pet. However, like any other blanket, be cautious, as pets may chew on it, potentially damaging the heating element.


Where to find 12-volt electric blankets?

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