we offer a 30-days return/exchange service on items. After 30 days, any return or exchange request won't be processed. To be eligible for a refund, the product must be returned in the original packaging received and free of stains and/or damage.

You may submit a return or exchange request within 30 days. Please contact our customer service at cs@zonlihome.com.

If the item is damaged, defective, or wrong, zonli will cover all the shopping fees. Please contact our customer service at cs@zonlihome.com within 48 hours of receiving your item, to initiate a claim. The customer service representative will contact you within 2 business days with the next steps for the claim.
 Please include the following information in your claim:

• Which item is damaged

• An image of the damage

• Note if you do or do not have the original packaging

• What outcome you'd like for your claims (i.e. replace, repair, or refund)

• A description of the damage

For other reasons other than damaged items, wrong items, defective items, but customer would still like to return/exchange the products, a 10% of restocking/exchange fee will be applied. It will be automatically deducted from the refund. Please be aware that the customer will be required to pay all associated shipping fees under this circumstance.

What if I want to cancel or change my order?

If you’d like to change or cancel your order, please email us at cs@zonlihome.com. Unfortunately, no orders can be canceled once they are already processed and fulfilled by our warehouse.

What is the mailing address for return and exchange?

We have multiple warehouses in the United States and will match your nearest warehouse based on your address. After accepting your request for a return and exchange, we will reply to the email to inform you of the mailing address, please do not mail the goods back to the original shipping address.

How soon will I receive a refund?

After we receive your returned item, a full refund process will be initiated immediately, and it is expected that the refund will be returned to your original payment account within 3 working days.