Futon Mattress

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Floor Futon Mattress Design
Zonli Futon Mattress is a soft, foldable, and scrollable floor mattress designed to provide ergonomic support and conform to the body's curves. 

Upgraded Five-tier Structure
This futon mattress offers superior comfort and support. It can easily be placed on the floor and helps to correct the shape of the cervical spine. Its outer layer is made of 100% breathable cotton. The second and fourth layers feature of 2.5kg soft PP cotton. For enhanced support, the third layer has a 2cm thick 25D high-density base foam. 

Multifunctional Mattress
This futon can be used as a mattress topper, a bedroom futon, living-room futon, floor mattress, sleeping mat, tent mat, guest mattress, picnic, camping, and leisure. It can also be used while watching TV with family, or taken with when traveling.

Care Instruction
To make your futon soft, warm and more resilient, dry it in either the sunshine or a Futon dryer. Please note: We compress your futon when packaging, so it'll take 2-3 days for its thickness to return to normal after being opened.

The Futon Mattress You'll Love in 2023 and Beyond

Exceptional Comfort with the Five-Tier Structure

This five-tier futon mattress is designed with a breathable and soothing outer layer and a durable, soft insert, providing superior comfort for restful sleep.

Soft on Surface, Firm in Core

This supportive futon mattress provides the perfect balance of softness and support, helping you sleep better and reduce back pain caused by stiffness or uncomfortable sleep positions.

Easy Carry-on, Camper’s Lover

Designed for ease of use and packability, you can roll this futon mattress tight and fit them in a stuff sack. Convenient carry, sleep well in outdoor camp.

Minimalist’s Home Solution

The high-quality material makes the futon very durable and can be used in multiple places. Minimalist still needs a social life. Whether you are doing yoga, welcoming a guest, or playing with kids, the Zonli futon mattress covers all the conditions you require.