Futon Mattress

$149.00 USD
By ZonLi


The Zonli Futon Mattress features a luxurious design, decent durability, and great supportive properties - all you can ask for in your futon! The three layers make it thick enough to ensure proper support for the spine.

Getting proper sleep at night is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. With our futon mattress, you will get a 5-star snooze. It can’t be better than this! Built for providing sound sleep - you feel like a KING on our Zonli Futon Mattress.

  • Tatami mats are a type of Japanese mattress that can be used on the floor. They provide comfort and softness with their skin-friendly fabric, which aligns the cervical spine by reducing back pain caused by stiffness or curve disadvantages during sleep time and improving quality rest for all people who use them!
  • The futon mattress is a great way to bring home that classic Japanese style. The thick and durable cotton cover will keep you comfortable as it offers no hair loss or deformation, making this an ideal choice for those who want their bedding to look good forever!
  • Folding and transporting the futon mattress is easy. It's perfect for small apartments or narrow rooms because it can be stored when not in use, then rolled up afterward to save space!
  • The Zonli Japanese Floor Mattress is an international playmate good for kids of all ages and adults alike. This floor mattress can be used as a bed topper, guest mattress, or camping mat!
  • The futon is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for many purposes. To keep it in good condition, you need to care for your futon by following these helpful tips! Store the mattress properly after opening, so its odor doesn't worsen over time and help restore warmth when needed with sunlight or heat exposure - just let them sit out on the flat ground without any moisture at all costs!

Get home the Futon Mattress and embrace 5-star living. Your body needs proper support and a good night’s rest, and that’s why the Futon Mattress is the best choice.

The Futon Mattress You'll Love in 2022 and Beyond

A unique, minimalist approach to sleeping

Japanese people have a variety of names for their beds and sleeping pads, but they all serve one purpose: to keep the sleeper comfortable. Those who live on tatami mat flooring or straw bales, in addition to Western-style mattresses, can benefit from using these mats during rest time since it will help them maintain a healthy posture while asleep!

I've Never Slept Better

The cervical spine is one of the most important parts of your head and body alignment. The tatami mattress can help you sleep better, which reduces back pain caused by stiffness or discomfort from sleeping positions that are not ideal for proper support!

Excellent Workmanship

The Japanese mattress is perfect for sleeping on tatami mats. It provides a soft and thick feel while still firm enough so you don't sink into the floor with every step!

Wide Versatility

The high-quality material makes the futon very durable and can be used in multiple rooms of your house.