Bamboo Cooling Comforter

$159.00 USD
By ZonLi


Zonli Bamboo Cooling Comforter: Made With The Finest Materials 

Our bamboo cooling comforter is made of two kinds of the finnest material.
One side is 100% bamboo viscose, which is smooth and ultra-soft. This blanket is perfect for hot summer nights and enables hot sleepers to stay cool and drier.
The other side is Polyethylene fabric,which rapidly transfers heat away from the surface.
Zonli Bamboo cooling  comforter will keep your body temperature at a comfy level.      

A Versatile Cooling Comforter 

You can wrap Zonli’s beautiful cooling comforter around your shoulders when you work, read, or are tired, or lay it across your lap. Its color is soothing and will provide you with a relaxed feeling. Our cooling comforter also makes a great gift for your family and friends. 

Zonli Bamboo Cooling Comforter: Worth Its Expense 

Our cooling comforter is definitely worth the price. We’ve crafted this blanket with the leading-edge technology. The filling material of the blanket is 100gsm Mercerized cotton.  We’ve also added two different fabric to keep you comfortable and cool. 


The Best Cooling Blanket

The Ultimate Coolness

Cooling Technology

Years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology helped us perfect the science and create our mind-blowing fabric. You will feel extremely cool when it touches your skin thanks to its naturally breathable bamboo viscose and fiber fill.

Premium materials

The perfect combination of nature and technology. 100% natural bamboviscoseco and cooling fiber technology makes ours the coolest fabric.The cooling fabric regulates your body temperature and stimulates the release of melatonin, helping you fall asleep more quickly.


Our lightweight, breathable blend of recycled fibers and bamboo viscose is ideal for hot sleepers. Our 100% natural bamboo visco bamboo had superior antibacterial qualities over other viscose fabrics and cotton.

Machine washable

Don’t worry about cleaning. We designed it to take your stress away. You can simply throw it in the washing machine on low.