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AirCell Cooling Pillow


Weight: About 6.6 lbs

Material: Non-toxic and recycled TPE, ultra soft and flexibility.

Feature: Cool and breathable; antibacterial and hypoallergenic; supportive and durable; for both back sleeper and side sleeper.

Washable: Water washed by hands only



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Cool and Breathable

Nothing can stop fresh air flowing to your skin when you use this pillow. AirCell's honeycomb structure for 360° heat rejection. 


Z-magic is OEKO-TEX® certified and Zonli-tested for long-term safety. The natural-born bamboo fabric reduces the allergy possibility.

For Both Back Sleepers or Side Sleepers

3.14" curve
Recommend for back sleepers with low pillow preference.
3.93" curve
Recommend for side sleepers with high pillow preference. 

Ultra Flexibility and Supportive

Each grid serves as an independent pressure relief and support area for your head, offering ultra-flexibility to cradle your head and neck

Non-toxic and Recycled Material

Made of non-toxic thermoplastic elastomers(TPEs), more flexible and softer to the touch. No smell and hypoallergenic. TPE consumes less energy during production than other materials and can be recycled by molding or extruding.

Washable and Durable

Due to its material and design, it is washable by hand only. But it is easy to dry and durable.

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    AirCell Cooling Pillow

    AirCell Cooling Pillow