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The Ultimate Guide for Living Out of Your Car On a Road Trip

The Ultimate Guide for Living Out of Your Car On a Road Trip

Lucas Lu |

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In recent years, road trips have gained immense popularity. Road trips are significant for their sense of adventure, freedom, and exploration. They provide an opportunity for quality time with loved ones, a break from routine, and self-discovery. The freedom to explore new destinations and the opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind have undoubtedly contributed to this trend. Road trips also allow for an appreciation of nature, cultural exchange, and inspiration. They stimulate local economies, promote environmental awareness, and contribute to personal growth. Additionally, road trips offer an escape from digital overload and hold nostalgic and traditional value in many people's lives.
However, road trips come with their own set of drawbacks. For example, the space is limited in the car. Especially if you are planning on living out of your vehicle for the majority of your trip. Things like unexpected breakdowns or inclement weather can pose a huge challenge. In order to embrace the journey and create precious memories, you should be prepared for the unexpected. Here’s what you need to know:


Map Out Your Route

Planning routes for road trips helps you find your way easily and saves time, and it also helps you discover interesting attractions and points of interest along the way.


Preplan Camping Sites

The benefit of identifying a campground ahead of time is to ensure a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to rest. Conversely, you might end up at a fully booked or unsuitable campsite. So it's a good idea for you to ask ahead of time about the campground's reservation requirements as well as the campground's fee.


Pack Your Own Food

Bringing your own food on a road trip can save you time and money. And ensures you have access to meals even in remote areas where dining options may be limited. A good way to bring food is by packing a cooler with perishable items like sandwiches, fruits, and beverages. You should also pack some non-perishable snacks like granola bars and nuts. This allows you to have fresh, homemade meals throughout your journey.


road trip food


Bring Wet Wipes for the Shower

Outdoor water sources can be scarce, so it's crucial to be prepared with wet wipes, which are convenient for cleaning essential body areas like the face, underarms, and genitals. Thus, ensuring that you can keep your body neat and clean even when you are outdoors. It would be great if you can find a lake that is suitable for bathing, but of course, please use biodegradable bathing products to help protect the environment.


Get a “wet” bin   

When you are outdoors, your clothes may get wet from various sources. So a ”wet” bin is typically used to store wetsuit. Having a separate place to put your wet things will help to keep the rest of your stuff dry. Later, simply wait for the right time before drying the wet clothing.


Prepare Garbage Bags

When you live outdoors, it's easy to produce all sorts of garbage. In this situation, bringing your own trash bags is essential because it can enhance cleanliness and good organization in your car. In the meantime, it serves to prevent clutter and unpleasant odors on the road trip. Wherever you are, you need to care for the natural environment and preserve its beauty.


Take your Battery Heated Blanket 

A battery heated blanket is essential,  because it can be linked to the car's power source and also provide warmth wherever you need it. Whether used for fishing or sleeping, it's a great choice for outdoor trips, adding a sense of convenience and safety to your journey.


battery heated blanket


Bring a Tarp and Bungee Cords   

Bringing a tarp and bungee cords on road trips is essential for various practical purposes. A tarp provides versatile protection against rain, sun, or wind, serving as a makeshift shelter, ground cover, or picnic area, enhancing camping comfort. Bungee cords are indispensable for securing luggage and gear, preventing them from shifting during transit. They also enable creative solutions for securing items, such as bundling firewood or attaching equipment to roof racks, ensuring safe and organized transport. Together, these items contribute to a smoother and more organized road trip experience.


Prepare an old-fashioned map

Outdoor areas are prone to loss of signal, so cell phones cannot provide you with accurate location. Naturally, a map is indispensable when traveling in areas where there is no cell phone signal. It not only provides the necessary directions, but also creates an atmosphere of adventure. Adding a touch of fun to the journey.


Download your Favorite Song List

Song lists are vital on road trips because they create a wonderful atmosphere. The combination of music and scenery produces a wonderful chemical element that creates lasting memories.


Carry your Emergency Kit

One unexpected thing that can happen outdoors is encountering wildlife, such as bears or snakes, which can pose a safety risk if not handled correctly. It is obviously important to have an emergency kit ready, Including bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications.


When embarking on a road trip, it is necessary to engage in the thorough planning described above. These preparations not only increase comfort and convenience, but also ensure that you are well prepared for the adventure ahead. Make your road trip a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

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