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A Complete Guide To Battery Operated Heated Blanket

Battery operated heated blanket

Lucas Lu |

Heated blankets are a great way to keep warm during the cooler months of the year. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials and can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to central heating. However, conventional electric blankets have great limitations both in function and usage scenarios, because the bedroom is not the only place that needs warmth. Battery operated heated blankets are a new product that has emerged recently. They offer incredible versatility and doesn't need to be plugged into a wall outlet, you can use it on RV trips, car camping, watching football games, and even on a plane.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about battery operated heated blankets, from how they work to features and usage, and provide tips for using them safely and effectively.

battery operated heated blanket

What is a battery operated heated blanket?

As the name suggests, battery operated heated blankets get the electricity needed for heating from batteries instead of a wall outlet. Battery-operated electric blankets are basically can be used almost anywhere because they are cordless. This portability makes them perfect for outdoorsy types like car drivers and campers. Different from regular electric blankets, battery-operated heated blankets are often used outdoors, so in addition to the outer insulation and soft fabric lining, these usually have an extra layer of cotton filling for extra warmth.

Additionally, the battery heated blanket is also great for indoor use, it's portable, and is an ideal gift for those who are afraid of the cold, or need to endure long-term medical procedures like dialysis or chemotherapy.

How does a battery operated heated blanket work?

Portable charger

Battery-operated heated blankets have thin heating wires embedded in the heating patch, which are sewn into the inside of the blanket. These thin wires are waterproof and insulated, and are very durable.

Generally speaking, 12V batteries are most suitable for cordless heated blanket, which not only ensures the heating time of the blanket, but also avoids the temperature of the blanket being too low. The blanket's batteries can be charged via AC (wall outlet), DC (12V outlet), or USB. Once you have a fully charged power bank, the blanket can be freed from the cords to keep you warm on your trip.

Who needs a battery operated heated blanket?

battery operated heated blanket- football game blanket

Football game fans

A battery operated heated blanket can be a great addition for football fans who attend outdoor games in colder temperatures. Not only does the blanket provide extra warmth and comfort, but its adjustable temperature settings allow the user to customize the level of warmth needed. Furthermore, these blankets are lightweight and easy to transport. Their equipped backpack is perfect for carrying your phone, battery charger, ticket, or other personal items along with you to the game.

People who enjoy camping or other outdoor activities

Battery operated heated blanket can provide extra warmth and comfort during camping trips or car trips. The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to bring along and store in a bag. The outdoor battery heated blanket is waterproof and resistant to dirt and debris. Many battery operated heated blankets are equipped with car adapter and expand cables, making it ideal for long trips.

People who are always cold

People who are always cold may have an underlying medical condition such as anemia or hypothyroidism, poor nutrition, an inability to properly regulate body temperature, or a side effect of certain medications. Additionally, some individuals may simply have a naturally low body temperature. A battery operated heated blanket can be used in any environment, from the home, school, office, or outdoors, so that to help them get to warmth and enjoy outdoor activities.

People suffering from chronic pain

Applying heat to sore muscles is a tried-and-true method for decreasing chronic pain. As muscles heat up, blood vessels expand, allowing lactic acid and other toxins to disperse from your aching muscles. This helps your muscles recover. That's why physicians often recommend using an electric blanket to help in the aftermath of an injury or to help manage chronic pain such as arthritis and sciatica. Most people experience immediate relief when they snuggle up in a heated blanket. The battery operated heated blankets are crafted with portable and compact design,  making them a more convenient alternative to traditional heated blankets.


Factors to consider before buying a battery operated heated blanket

Store and Package

The most convenient battery operated heated blankets on the market are the dual purpose heated blankets, which can be used as a cushion when folded up and a blanket when spread out. It is a great space saver. Some portable heated blankets also come with a storage bag, or even a backpack, so that you can keep the blanket, cord and battery pack in one place, or use it to store your personal belongings when you're out and about.



Another factor to consider when shopping is the size of the blanket. As the battery operated heated blankets are mainly used outdoors, to ensure they are lightweight, most of them are single sizes (50*60; 60*70 are the most common), but if you want to enjoy the warmth indoors, you can also choose a size that is large enough for a queen size bed.



Although a battery powered heated blanket has many advantages, because of the limited capacity of the portable batteries, it does not heat up all night like a conventional electric blanket. Therefore, if you're going to use it, make sure you pay attention to how long it stays warm before you buy a battery-powered heated blanket blanket! You won’t want a heated blanket that heats up nicely but loses its warmth in 20 minutes!

 For example, if you are looking for a portable heated blanket to keep you warm while watching a football match, or for a short journey on a plane; you may only need a model with enough power to keep you warm for 2-3 hours.

However, if you are a RV, car or tent camper, or a traveller camping with limited electricity.  It may be worth it for you to spend a little extra on a battery heated blanket that will keep you warm for 5 hours or more.

Heat settings

Because of the limited input voltage, the temperature range of a battery operated heated blanket is not as wide as that of a conventional electric blanket, and there are usually only two or three heating levels. The temperature range for a battery heated blanket is usually 30-45°C, with the temperature for a 12V battery heated blanket being higher, up to 75°C.

Being able to control the degree of heating of the blanket is a rather important feature. The heating setting not only helps to improve the comfort of the user, but is also a factor in the duration of each battery charge.


Battery-powered heated blankets are typically made from fleece, cotton, or microfiber. These materials are chosen for their softness, comfort and durability, as well as for their ability to effectively distribute and retain heat generated by the battery-powered heating element. Additionally, some battery-powered heated blankets are available with a water-resistant coating for added protection. This thin layer of a material such as Teflon or a similar polymer ensures that the blanket remains safe from rain and other forms of wet weather.

How to clean and care a battery operated heated blanket?

In order to clean and care for a battery-operated heated blanket, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions closely. Generally, it is recommended to machine wash the blanket in cold water and on a delicate cycle, avoiding the use of bleach or fabric softener. After washing, it should be hung up to dry, or dried in low temperature to avoid damaging the thin heating wire in the blanket. Additionally, it is important to regularly inspect the battery-powered heating element for any signs of wear or damage. If any such signs are found, the blanket should be taken to a professional for repair or replacement. It is also important to check reviews to ensure that the blanket is both stain resistant and easily spot-cleaned. Be sure to avoid any blankets that are known to be dirt or pet hair magnets.

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