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Summer Cooling Blanket Guide 2022

Summer Cooling Blanket Guide 2022

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Why would you need a cooling blanket?

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with your pajamas drenched in sweat and your blanket dropped on the floor, it might be time to try a cooling blanket, which would give you a cozy feel without trapping in heat. 

How Do Cooling Blankets Work?

No more tossing and turning and sweating, you can sleep in peace when using the breathable cooling blanket.

Using special chill cooling fibers, a Cooling Blanket can lower your body's temperature so you could cool off quickly, reach a state of comfort in a swift fashion and fall asleep quicker than before.

How do we choose the best cooling blankets?

There a three attributes of a best cooling blanket, they are:

1. Cooling technologies: This kind of blanket features cooling technologies that store and release heat to keep you at a more stable body temperature throughout the night to get cooler sleep.

2. Breathable fabrics: Some materials could wick moisture away to keep you sweat-free. Opt for synthetic fabrics like polyester or regenerated cellulose fibers like lyocell. Cotton holds onto moisture more, so if you prefer the natural feel of cotton, you can choose a cooling blanket with a blended material!

3. Light Construction: Blankets for the winter months are always thicker and more tightly woven together. For a more airy feel, a good cooling blanket for summer should be made with looser knits or weaves without any added bulk.


What cooling blankets does ZONLIHOME have?

Using special Japanese arc chill cooling fibers, Elegantly stitched together making this blanket a nice way to complete your bed set.

These special cooling fibers can maintain a cool body temperature for you, and allow you to fall asleep quicker than before as you’ll reach a state of comfort in a swift fashion. And the lightweight fabric will have you sleeping in minutes!

  Material: A Side: 100% Polyamide B Side:100% Polyester 

This weighted blanket is made of 100% bamboo viscose, cooling, ultra-soft & smooth. It's perfect for hot summer nights to enable hot sleepers to stay drier and cooler, and it's also easy to clean!

Each design has a unique role.

(1) High-density sewing technology and the two-layer microfiber are added to prevent the loose of the thread and leakage of the beads. 

(2) Smaller squares to distribute glass beads inside the blanket evenly.

(3) Two-layer 100% Bamboo Viscose to keep you cool and comfortable.

The most popular cooling blanket for teens and children: MIRACULOUS LADYBUG COOLING BLANKET 

Our Miraculous Ladybug Cooling Blankets come in different designs and colors. A must-have for every miraculous ladybug fan, this cooling blanket is designed to stay cool by using a special material that will draw the heat away from your body. The Miraculous Ladybug Cooling Blanket also has a soft surface, so you can use it to rest in comfort after an exhausting day of fighting evil or saving the world.

These Cooling Blankets are perfect as miraculous ladybug gifts for someone crazy about the show. Become a true collector by adding these collectibles to your Miraculous collection.

Why trust ZONLIHOME?

At Zonlhome, each product is made with intention. Our talented design team thoughtfully selects each fabric, color, and texture and pays close attention to the entire process, from the art and science of product design to aesthetic taste. With over ten years of experience in home textiles manufacturing, we are not only skilled at what we do, but we go further to ensure that our products are ethically sourced and produced.

Spoil your loved ones, family, friends, and yourself with our high-quality cooling blanket and enjoy the cool summer nights!

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