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Reasons to Invest in a Cooling Blanket in 2022

Reasons to Invest in a Cooling Blanket in 2022

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Night sweats and waking up feeling sweaty is one of worst feelings, it is especially the case in summer. 

Don’t worry, hot sleepers — welcome to the world of the cooling blankets! The answer to sleeping better could be as simple as a cooling blanket.This article will walk you through everything you need to know about cooling blankets: what they'are made of, how they work and why they’re beneficial. Say hello to the coolest sleep ever.


What Is A Cooling Blanket?

Invented by NASA in the 1980s to help astronauts stay cool while traversing hot zones, cooling blankets have a storied (and technological) history.

The core body temperature of humans decreases while they sleep. A person's sleeping environment may affect this drop in internal body temperature if it is either too hot or too cold. Sleep disturbances can result from this. Cooling blankets use special fabrics to wick away moisture and deal with natural body heat.

Cooling blankets are made for hot sleepers. These blankets regulate body heat by either:

1. Using special fabrics

2. Using advanced technology

Below we will show the two different heat regulation methods in detail.

How Do Cooling Blankets Work?

Thermoregulatory fabrics are just materials that help reduce heat. They do this by wicking water from our bodies, lowering body temperature, and improving sleep quality. Cooling fabrics include bamboo, linen, and eucalyptus. Although cotton can be cool, high thread counts may trap heat underneath and prevent temperature regulation.


Our Thermoregulating Fabrics

Popular thermoregulating fabrics in cooling blankets include linen, eucalyptus, polyester, acrylic, and wool. Some are even composed of bamboo fabric! Polyethylene (PE) has emerged recently as a promising polymer for incorporation in wearable textiles owing to its high infrared transparency and tuneable visible opacity, which makes the fabric feel cooler in perception.Not only are these fabrics lightweight, but they are also extremely breathable. 

Zonli home COMFY COOLING BLANKET uses 35%Pe Cool Fabric to keep you cool and dry for a more comfortable sleep.Under the support of these Cooling Fibers, it can be compatible with soft and comfortable touch and bring a cool feeling.


Heat Conducting Technologies

Cooling blankets also work through thermal conduction. In general, thermal conduction involves the transfer of heat from a hot object to a cooler one, such as our BAMBOO WEIGHTED BLANKET – Two-layer 100% Bamboo Viscose to keep sleepers comfortable. High-density sewing technology and the two-layer microfiber are added to prevent the loose of the thread and leakage of the beads, it reduces heat while helping with anxiety.


Benefits of Cooling Blankets

We can benefit from having a cooling blankets in more ways than just keeping cool while sleeping.

Furthermore, a cooling blanket may help regulate a person's sleep in hot weather due to studies showing that people suffer from disturbed sleep in hot weather.

Last,The blanket will cool you while you sleep, thus reducing your air-conditioning bill.


Sleep well tonight with Zonli

Sleep accounts for a third of our lives, so prioritizing your comfort at night is important. Our highly-rated cooling blankets are a great choice if you're looking for a cooling blanket.

We have the perfect blanket for everyone, regardless of their sleep temperature.Throughout the night, you will be covered in blissful cooling comfort thanks to our Cooling Blanket. 


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