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Stay Warm This Winter With Zonli’s Electric Blankets

Stay Warm This Winter With Zonli’s Electric Blankets

Lucas Lu |

It’s never too early to start preparing for winter. If you are looking for a comfortable and sustainable way to keep warm this winter, an electric blanket is what you need. 

However, not all heated blankets are created equally. Zonli's electric blanket combines the features you want with the highest level of comfort, making it one of the most popular electric blankets. 

What can Zonli's electric blanket do for you?


Various choices 


In comparison to other electric blankets on the market, Zonli offers more options to customers than other electric blankets. Featuring ten temperature settings, the easy-to-use digital controller lets you choose the heat while also reducing energy consumption.

In addition, although every electric blanket comes with heat control, not every blanket also has a timer. Zonli’s electric blanket offers an automatic shut-off timer that can be timed from 1 to 12 hours - if you don't want the blanket on all night, you can drift off without turning it off first, which is more economical and safer.



Excellent comfort


The comfort of an electric blanket should also be a primary consideration when buying home furnishings. Zonli’s electric blanket is a quilted double 200 GSM flannel fleece layer. The blanket's heat coils are hidden under the blanket's extra layer of comfort. With a 10-foot power cable, you can use the heated blanket anywhere. 


Suprising durability


Last but not least, the entire blanket is washable, but to ensure year-round softness and durability, Zonli recommends machine washing this blanket with water below 30°C on a gentle cycle separately and drying in the sun. Before washing, unplug the controller and let the blanket cool.

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