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Hand Knit Chunky Blanket By Zonli

Hand Knit Chunky Blanket By Zonli

Lucas Lu |

Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Are you a restless sleeper? Do you know how to improve your sleep cycle? Whenever you are contemplating buying a new blanket, many questions arise, and Zonli's chunky knit weighted blanket is a great option to meet your needs.


For many people, weighted blankets have become a routine part of stress relief and healthy sleep habits, and for good reason. Research suggests weighted blankets may benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, among other conditions. The chunky weighted blanket by Zonli differs from regular quilted weighted blankets.


Unique and Beautiful Pattern



The pattern of Zonli's chunky weighted blanket is more stylish than the quilted weighted blanket. It is suitable for bed, sofa and chair, and could be a stunning addition to your home. The special pattern gives the blanket excellent breathability and ventilation since it has a convenient way to release heat through knitted holes. Covering a layer may seem cold, but folding it into two layers will keep you warm.  


Thoughtful Weight Distribution
















Some people may worry that the weighted blanket is too heavy, while such problem won’t come in Zonli's knit weighted blanket. The chunky weighted blanket is evenly knitted and evenly distributed in weight, so you can get all the comforting weight that feels like a hug. To aid naturally deeper sleep cycles, Zonli recommends choosing a weighted blanket that’s 8%~10% of your body weight for optimal comfort.


Moreover, the knitted blanket is made of thick yarn and is filled with 100% hollow fibers, making it sturdy, long-lasting, and avoiding the leakage of beads. And still, the blanket is machine-washable, it’s extremely convenient to keep clean.


Furthermore, Zonli's chunky weighted blanket comes at a surprising price. Prices start at $169 for the 15-pound, 40-inch by 72-inch blanket, and $199 for the 20-pound, 60-inch by an 80-inch blanket. Just in time for fall and winter, get yourself and your family a Zonli knitted weighted blanket as a gift. Get ready for a long and blissful nap with these soft blankets.


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