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How Weighted Blanket Help With Insomnia?

Weighted blanket

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How Weighted Blanket Help With Insomnia

weighted blanket

Struggling with insomnia is not an easy or pleasant experience for anyone. Sleep is an essential function and we need it to recharge. Getting enough of it every night supports brain function and overall health.

When our ability to get a good night’s sleep is compromised, we suffer. One of the worst things about sleep disorders is how common they are. Insomnia, for one, affects between 33 and 50 percent of the adult population.

This disorder can be caused by many different things. Including stress, neurological problems, mental health disorders, physical pain or illness, medications, poor sleeping habits, an irregular sleep schedule, and more.

If you’ve been battling insomnia, you should consider using a weighted blanket. Several studies have been done to determine whether weighted blankets make a difference or not. The results have been outstanding! Today, we want to show you how weighted blanket help with insomnia so you can give this method a try.


How Weighted Blanket Help With Insomnia: The Benefits


As the name suggests, a weighted blanket is designed to be heavier than regular blankets. These blankets can weigh 3 to 30 pounds. If you’ve ever had an X-ray taken, they feel like the lead apron they put on you for protection. This is a huge factor of how weighted blanket help with insomnia.

The idea behind weighted blankets is based on the therapeutic value of the pressure caused by the extra weight. Weighted blankets provide consistent pressure. This imitates deep pressure stimulation and this is how weighted blanket help with insomnia.

This activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), which is responsible for rest and digestion. When the PSNS is activated, the heart rate goes down and the breathing becomes slow and deep. This leads to a state of full-body relaxation that has calming effects on the mind. Weighted blankets and massages or acupressure have similar effects.

The consistent pressure stimulates the production of “happy hormones”, such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. At the same time, it reduces cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone. Additionally, it gives the production of melatonin a boost, which is the hormone that prepares the body for sleep.

For these reasons, weighted blankets make a difference in the severity of insomnia. They also allow people to manage feelings of anxiety and stress, which can interfere with their sleep. All this while providing comfort and making you feel cozy and held.


How Weighted Blanket Help With Insomnia According to Science


To understand how weighted blanket help with insomnia, we have to look at the science. The most cited study about weighted blankets for insomnia was conducted by a team of researchers from the Karolinska Institute. This randomized controlled study was meant to determine if metal chain blankets could improve the symptoms of insomnia. Compared to plastic chain blankets.

The subjects of the study were outpatients with severe insomnia who were also being treated for mood disorders. Such as generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and ADHD.

It’s important to note that insomnia and mental disorders often go hand in hand. A person with insomnia is 10x more likely to also have depression, compares to a person without insomnia.

Study participants were randomly assigned to receive a metal chain blanket or a plastic chain blanket. All the blankets were the same shape and size. Those who got assigned the weighted metal chain blanket would try on a 17.6-pound blanket first. If it was too heavy for them, they would switch to a 13.2-pound blanket.

Both groups of participants spent a month sleeping with the provided blankets and the researchers assessed their sleep using surveys and an actigraph. The actigraph is a device worn on the wrist that records movements. They allow researchers to estimate sleep parameters with the use of specialized algorithms and software.

The results showed that the participants who used the metal chain blankets reported a severity decline in insomnia symptoms. Additionally, their depression and anxiety symptoms also decreased. Participants with the plastic chain blankets didn’t report any improvements related to insomnia or mental disorders.


Why You Should Get a Weighted Blanket


Though research surrounding weighted blankets and their effects on insomnia is still sparse, they are compelling. The best thing about weighted blankets is that they provide potential benefits to a wide audience. Many different factors can affect our quality of sleep and they depend on each individual.

Whether you’re suffering from insomnia or any other sleep disorder, getting a weighted blanket will be of huge help. The same goes for people with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Additionally, people on the autism spectrum can benefit from weighted blankets for comfort and relaxation.

Weighted blankets provide a deeper sense of comfort and security due to the unique blanket features. They make you feel snug and held, which can help you feel at ease a lot faster. As mentioned before, weighted blankets are known to stimulate mood-boosting hormones and melatonin. The latter improves your sleep quality, so a weighted blanket is a must-try.


Final Words


Weighted blankets might just be what you’re looking for to reduce your insomnia symptoms. Today, we explored how weighted blanket help with insomnia. It is by now that they offer a lot of relief!

If you want to get your sleep back, you should give them a try. As long as you can easily take the weighted blanket off when you need it, there’s nothing to worry about.

There’s a great variety of weighted blankets on the market. However, Zonli Home offers some of the best options. For example, this Cotton Weighted Blanket is nice and comfy, perfect for the bedroom or any other space where you like to relax. Overall, this cotton cover is perfect!

If that one is too simple for you, the Chunky Knitted Throw Blanket might be more your style. It’s a beautiful chunky knit blanket and it couldn’t possibly be cozier! Whichever one you choose, you can be sure they will be soft and long-lasting thanks to the high-quality materials.

We can’t promise a weighted blanket will cure your insomnia for good, but it can make a huge difference!



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