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How to Make a Chunky Hand Knit Blanket for Beginners?

How to Make a Chunky Hand Knit Blanket for Beginners?

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chunky hand knit blanket

A chunky hand knit blanket is the blanket we have all been waiting for. They’re chunky, knitted, and cozy― things that amazing blankets have.

They’re also beautiful. Just take a look at those couches and beds beaming with chunky hand knit blankets. They not only look fabulous, they’re also functional and great for your well-being.

But what exactly are chunky hand knit blankets? What are they made of? Do they have any benefits at all?

In this post, we will talk about chunky hand knit blankets and what they’re made of. We will also explain the benefits of chunky blankets and where you can get them.

Choose Materials Based on What You Want to Use the Blanket For

Chunky hand knit blankets are made of yarn. If you’ve been into knitting, you know that yarn is the key to anything knitted.

On the other hand, chunky hand knit blankets can be made out of different types of yarn. You also have to choose the type of yarn based on what you want to use them for.

Here are the materials commonly used when making chunky hand knit blankets along with their purposes:

Best Overall: Chunky Chenille Yarn

The materials mentioned above are quite expensive. If you really want to have a chunky hand knit blanket on a budget, go for one made of chunky chenille yarn.

It’s a chunky, fuzzy, and extremely soft yarn that’s inexpensive. Chenille is also washable, making it a more economical choice.

As a bonus, knitted blankets made of chenille yarn are lighter. They have the same adorable look as wool and tube yarn. Yet, they don’t feel like you’re carrying the world on your body.

Hence, chunky chenille yarn is the best whether you’re making a home decor or for-sleeping chunky blanket.

Merino Wool: Best for Home Decor

Also known as wool roving, Merino wool yarn comes from the Merino sheep. This thick yarn was once the most common option for making chunky hand knit blankets.

Since the material is so thick, it makes knitted blankets look so cozy. However, they come with some drawbacks.

For one, Merino wool is not washable. This means that you have to dry clean them. 

Plus, this type of yarn and wool is delicate. Lastly, it’s expensive. If you have a budget though, you can choose this material for a home decor blanket. It’s because Merino wool is yarn gives your blanket that glamorous look.

Since you don’t have to wash a home decor chunky blanket often, you don’t have to worry about the dry cleaning costs racking up.

Tube Yarn: Best for Sleeping

 Also called vegan wool, tube yarn has the same look as wool. However, they’re made of cotton and polyester instead.

In particular, the cotton tube gets stuffed with polyester or cotton. Due to this, tube yarn can be washed in cool water.

Plus, the material is not as delicate as Merino wool. Tube yarn is also a nice option for those who want that extra snuggly feel. It also works for those who want a more breathable chunky hand knit blanket for sleeping. 

How to Make a Chunky Hand Knit Blanket for Beginners (No Tools Required)

hand knit blanket 

Here’s how to make a chunky hand knit blanket:


  1. Gather your materials.

Get your chunky yarn, needle, and thread. That’s all you need― no special tools required.

  1. Choose a design.

Pick a color, yarn size, yarn type (choose one based on the information above), and stitching technique.

  1. Pick the distance between the loops.

The distance depends on how breathable you want the blanket to be. The longer the distance, the more breathable the blanket will be.

The Process 

  1. Create a knot.

Make a slip knot about 6 inches from the end of the chunky yarn. The loop of the slip knot must have the same size as your other loops will have.

  1. Make chains and rows.

Create a chain for your chunky blanket’s first row. Work toward the right. Then, start working toward the left for the second row.

Skip the first loop. Then, pull a loop from behind through the second loop.

  1. Keep on making loops.

Continue pulling a loop through every loop in the chain. All loops must have the same size. When you pass through a knot, pull a loop through it, too.

Keep on working back and forth until the chunky blanket becomes as long as you like. 

  1. Bind the top.

Once the chunky blanket reaches your desired width and length, cut a 12-inch tail. Bind the top. Then, put the tail through the last two loops and create a knot.

  1. Secure the tail.

Weave the tail in. Then, use a needle and thread to secure it.

When and Who to Make a Chunky Hand Knit Blanket With 

Contrary to popular belief, chunky hand knit blankets are easy to make. You’ll have tons of fun making them as well.

Speaking of, you can make chunky hand knit blankets with your family and friends. It can be a bonding activity (with your kids, parents, or partner) or a pastime with your besties.

You can also make a chunky hand knit blanket before the winter. By doing this, you become ultra prepared for the chilly nights to come.

Where to Get Hand Knit Blankets

You can find hand knit blankets online. Thanks to seamless shipping, you can easily get your Zonli Home knitted blanket.

While other chunky hand knit blankets are made from basic quilted materials with plastic pellets, the Zonli Home chunky hand knit blanket is made from thick chenille yarn.

Its proprietary design also allows it to be elastic, soft, and snuggly. And of course, the blanket is made by hand. This snuggly companion will definitely make your nights more cozy.


A chunky hand knit blanket is an amazing way to sleep better, be more stylish, and just happier overall. It’s the blanket you have been missing, yet often overlook. So, stop overlooking this piece of cozy art and check out this chunky hand knit blanket now!

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