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A Complete Guide to Floor Mattress

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Sleeping on the floor has become a trend among people from all walks of life in recent times. If you’re desperate to join the growing trend or have been practicing it for some time, finding the right floor mattress can be the last missing piece of the puzzle as a floor mattress is still a strange concept for many people. This guide will help you figure out what a floor mattress is and the point of using a floor mattress.

What is a floor mattress?

A floor mattress is simply a mattress that’s placed on the floor. They are typically between 3 inches and 6 inches thick and are made of memory foam, poly foam, and/or fiberfill. Some mattresses include a non-slip base to minimize unwanted movement during sleep, while others have covers that can be easily removed and washed. The floor mattress doesn’t require bed frames, box springs, or any equipment, nor do they fold out of heavy furniture like a futon or Murphy bed. They are often used to save space in small rooms and apartments and get stored away when users wake up. You simply roll out or unfold the floor mattress and store it when it’s not in use.

Is it healthy to have a floor mattress?

Floor mattresses are very convenient to use, as they are very light and foldable. However, it is essential to understand your needs and health requirements before purchasing one. So, what are the benefits and downsides of sleeping on a floor mattress? Below, we’ll explore the pros and cons of floor mattresses to help you make an informed decision according to your unique sleep needs!



Economical and efficient - A new bed frame and a really high-quality mattress can cost up to thousands of dollars. Foldable mattresses save a lot of money and don’t compromise on comfort. In addition, if your family and friends have sleepovers often, owning a floor mattress is a convenient way for them to feel comfortable and rested.

Saves space- Many people live in small rooms or flats, making it difficult to accommodate a standard bed frame and mattress. The advantage of a floor mattress pad is that people can fold or roll their mattresses away in this manner, freeing up space for everyday activities. 

 Easy to transfer - Floor mattresses are very lightweight and portable. Therefore, these mattresses can be slept on anytime and anywhere without a bed frame. Many people use them for different purposes, depending on the type of mattress they have. These mattresses can be used in place of yoga mats or for sleeping purposes. You can even take these mattresses with you when you are on trips and camping, as they are very portable and fold down easily.

Comfortable and cool- Since mattresses on the floor are much thinner than regular mattresses, many people consider them firmer than conventional mattresses. Several studies have shown that using a medium-firm mattress improves spinal alignment, boosts sleep quality, and promotes sleep comfort. What’s more, if you’re sleeping close to the floor, you’ll often feel refreshed and cooled down, as opposed to sleeping on hefty memory foam mattresses that easily get hot.

Reduce back problems- One of the main benefits of floor beds is that they offer better lumbar support than raised beds. Since your mattress is on a firmer surface, it’s less likely to curve inwards while you lay on it. This allows your spine to maintain its natural alignment, reducing strain on it.


Allergens issuesEven if the mattress uses hypoallergenic materials, you're never completely safe, especially during dust and dander allergy season. Being on the floor also means breathing in and coming into close contact with allergens like dust mites, which could lead to skin problems.

Insect Threats– Sleeping on a floor mattress can also be uncomfortable for you if there are lots of insects in your house. They crawl directly onto your bed and can even transmit diseases if you are not careful. Finally, the base is an unhygienic sleeping surface unless you take proper care of it and keep it clean.


How to choose a floor mattress?

There are millions of people who sleep on the floor daily. If you’re one of those people who simply want to try something different after years of sleeping in a traditional bed, it is imperative to shop for the right bed. Here are the most critical factors to consider during the shopping process.


When it comes to the right floor mattress size, always choose one that fits your requirements.

What are you looking for in terms of dimensions? This will largely depend on your intended use for the floor mattress as well as how much space is available. Most rolling mattresses are designed for single sleepers by default. But there are a variety of options for couples. A twin-sized floor mattress will always be the most appropriate choice if it is meant for use by a single person. In spite of the temptation to choose a model slightly larger than a traditional twin, this could be cumbersome if you plan to use it frequently for camping. 


Thickness determines how much support a specific mattress provides during sleep. Generally, the thicker the mattress, the more comfort it provides. However, increasing thickness usually means you end up paying more so be prepared for that. Bi-folds and tri-folds are manufactured to specific inches of foam so always be vigilant before you hit the Buy button.

Mattress cover

One of the most critical factors to consider when buying a floor mattress is the cover. In addition to keeping the inner foam clean, it also prevents dust mites and other bacteria from entering, which can cause allergies.

Zippered covers are easy to remove and can be washed in the machine. Ideal for camping and expeditions in outdoor environments exposed to dirt and harsh weather conditions.

Others come with permanent covers because they can be field cleaned relatively easily when they get dirty. You can get away with such floor mattresses if the purpose is to serve as a guest bed or for lounging in the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, you should look for waterproof floor mattress covers if children are the main reason for buying one. Waterproof models can easily keep out urine as well as accidental spills of water, drinks and other liquids.


Although floor mattresses have a reputation for being too stiff, they now come in various comfort levels, from soft to relatively stiff. If you’re sharing a mattress with a partner, avoid choosing an extra soft floor mattress. That’s because when one person moves on the bed, there’ll be a lot of motion transfer, disturbing the other person. Also, it’ll be a nightmare if you’re a light sleeper.


The Best Floor Mattress

A floor mattress can be something you did not even know you needed, yet it takes comfort to the next level. Floor mattresses come in different shapes, firmness levels, dimensions, thicknesses and budgets. If you want to try something different after sleeping in a conventional bed for years, it is critical to buy the right mattress. The Zonli floor mattress is an efficient floor mattress that will put anyone to sleep in minutes.

Main Features:

L It uses high-quality Eperan-PP™ foam that conforms to your body and provides seamless support and balance.

Featuring breathable fabric and 0.42 Qmax PE, this mattress provides a comfortable sleeping surface.

L Removable and washable cover that is easy to attach and detach.

Easy-folding and portable design. 


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