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Floor Mattress Vs. Air Mattress Compared For 2023

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Floor Mattress Vs. Air Mattress

Are you looking for something for your master bedroom, or trying to find a space-saving bed to welcome your guests? If you prefer an economical, budget-friendly solution, either a floor mattress or an air mattress will be your best bet. Once you’ve narrowed it down to those two choices, now comes the struggle of deciding which one is better. In this guide, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of floor mattresses and air mattresses, and explore the differences between them to help you make the final decision.

Overview of Floor Mattress

The first-floor mattress, Tatami, was designed in Japan in the 17th century and could be unfolded and placed on the floor. Made of dense foam or soft synthetic materials, a floor mattress provides a soft cushion between you and the ground. Sleeping on the floor may not seem ideal for many people, but it has numerous benefits. That’s why many people are doing it. So let’s look at the pros and cons of sleeping with a floor mattress.

Advantages of Floor Mattress

In our view, the best floor mattresses stand out for their versatility. They’re a stylish addition to a room whether they function as a sleeping place or a sofa. They’re also adept at being tucked into the wall in a Murphy-style configuration.

The main advantage of floor mattresses is that they are easy to store. When folded, they can be easily moved around and stored simply by stacking them on top of each other. Since they can fit neatly away when not needed, the floor mattress is ideal for anyone who lives in smaller accommodations or does not have much storage space at home. Many models also collapse down into flat packs, which are even more compact than the other types, making an excellent choice for those who are short on space.

Another massive advantage of spending your nights with a floor mattress is that it can help you improve your posture. Your neck, shoulders, and back alignment are corrected when you sleep on the floor. It also reduces back pain to a great extent. You should seriously consider this option if you suffer from these problems.

Perhaps the best thing about a floor mattress is its durability. While traditional mattresses can sag over time, floor mattresses can last for years if properly maintained.


Disadvantages of Floor Mattress

A disadvantage of using a floor mattress for sleeping is that you’ll be exposed to allergens and dust. While a mattress creates a buffer between you and the ground, you are still very close to dust when you sleep on the floor. In addition, it can lead to a runny nose, sneezing, and breathing issues if you’re allergic to such stuff.

Sleeping with a floor mattress can also be uncomfortable for you if there are a fair number of insects in your house. If you’re not careful, the insects could crawl on your bed and lead to diseases. Last but not least, it is unsanitary to sleep on the surface of the base unless you take good care of it and keep it clean.


Overview of Air Mattress

The air mattress is an inflatable device that can be used as a sleeping pad. You can inflate it manually or electrically via a valve. It is often used for entertaining guests or as a water toy to float in the water.

As a sleeping surface, it does a pretty good job. It is a lightweight and durable sleeping pad that you can take on camping trips. However, according to the US government safety agency, children below eight months should not sleep on air mattresses as they can suffocate small children.


Advantages of Air Mattress

One of the most significant advantages of sleeping on an air mattress is that its firmness is can customized by yourself. For example, you can reduce the air in it for a softer surface and increase the air if you want a more rigid shell. It’ll come in handy if you have guests, as everyone enjoys different sleeping surfaces.


Depending on your lifestyle, you can benefit greatly from the versatility of using an air mattress. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. You can also take it camping with you. Many people also put it in the back seat when driving long distances as it is more comfortable to sleep on than a car seat.


Disadvantages of Air Mattress

Air mattresses may seem comfortable on the surface. But with this comfort comes excellent pain and posture-related problems. Although you can reduce back pain by inflating the bed and making it firmer, this firmness is no match for a mattress with physical support and can still lead to a spinal ache.


If you share a mattress with your partner, try not to use an air mattress either. This is because when one person moves around in bed, the air mattress can also swing significantly and disturb the other person. Therefore, if you are a light sleeper, this can be a nightmare.


Although air mattresses are more versatile than regular mattresses, they also require more maintenance in the long run. If you use an air mattress, you have to fix the damaged part quickly and always make sure there is enough air. In addition, they tend to flatten out over time. Therefore, you must replenish them with air from time to time.


One of the most significant issues with air mattresses is that they can trap your body heat. This is because they are made of synthetic materials, such as vinyl or other non-breathable materials. The result is that if you live in a warm area, it can get very hot, leading to uncomfortable sleep at night.


What are the Differences between Air mattresses and Floor Mattresses?

Both air mattress and floor mattress have their pros and cons, and it's not easy to choose. Before deciding which one to buy, it helps to prioritize what is vital to you. Here are some of the factors you should consider to make a sound decision.



Although both air mattresses and floor mattresses are much more economical than a traditional bed, air mattresses can be cheaper than floor mattresses, making them ideal for those who may not have much money on hand but still need a comfortable place to sleep while staying at their friend’s house or hotel during business trips away from home. While a higher-end floor mattress can be a little bit more expensive, so if you’re looking to save money, you’ll have to shop around. And unless, they have a removable cover, cleaning them is going to be a hassle.



If you live where it’s cold most of the time, you’d like an air mattress it’ll trap the heat and keep you warm. Sleeping on the ground with a floor mattress wouldn’t be a wise decision in that case. But the bottom is a better option if you live in an area with a warm climate. It’ll keep you comfortable and cool.



It’s essential to consider personal preference when deciding on the level of firmness. Since air mattress doesn’t have slats to support your body weight, they may not be as comfortable for heavier sleepers. In contrast, Floor mattress is available in multiple comfort levels, ranging from soft to relatively hard, i.e., “extra firm.” If you have back pain, you’ll be able to find a more customizable solution than you’d be able to with an inflatable solution.



A floor mattress or air mattress is the smallest and lightest option for car campers. Designed for ease of use and packability, you can roll foam floor mattresses tight and fit them in a stuff sack, and they add minimal weight and bulk to your pack. An inflatable air pad will require inflation and deflation, if you’re taking it with you, make sure you’re in a place where you have access to an outlet for a pump. Otherwise, you’re going to need a lot of air in your lungs to inflate it. 



Compare to floor mattresses, air mattresses are more vulnerable to scratches, tears, and rips, and an air mattress with a puncture ceases to hold air. Floor mattress usually comes with a more durable sleeping surface and foam material. So, it’ll last much longer than an air mattress.



After weighing the pros and cons of both sleeping surfaces, one has emerged as the clear winner. If you have to choose between the two, we recommend sleeping on a floor mattress. It may be less comfortable, but it's much healthier, especially in the long run. However, if you're looking for a warm and comfortable mattress to sleep on for short periods of time, an air mattress may be a better choice.

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