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Weighted Blanket Trend: Zonli On Press

Zonli weighted blanket

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We all seek and crave comfort and a sense of security when we sleep. We prefer to be lulled and hugged to sleep, as compared to laying simply in our beds. Over the years, the use of weighted blanket had become an increasing trend. Lately,you may noticed weighted blankets appeared in the news, on TV, and all over the social media. More and more people are learning about weighted blanket and how it assist to a restful night. We think it is something to celebrate. Read on and learn more about weighted blankets from the reliable press .

Weighted blankets were originally used primarily as therapeutic tools in occupational therapy. They are not very aesthetically pleasing or applicable to daily life, let alone to be covered by media. However, it wasn't until 2017 that weighted blankets secured mainstream popularity as a sleep aid and stress reducer. In 2018, Time magazine named "blankets that ease anxiety" one of the best inventions of 2018 and cited the Gravity Blanket, specifically. Since then, as a brand dedicated to providing people with the best sleep, Zonli created a specialized weighted blanket production line, making itself an important part of the mainstream, helping people feel calmer and sleep better across the world.


Cooling Weighted Blanket

We are thrilled to see that our weighted blanket on People , Business insider, Sleep foundation, Sleep Judge, and more. Every time we see Zonli weighted blanket on various press we are so proud that Zonli bring more people a better quality sleep. To celebrate, we ’ve rounded up our favourite weighted blankets as they appear in the media for your reference in Zonlihome.

Cooling Weighted Blanket on People

As a press aimed to provide trusted product news and recommendations to inform everyday purchases, People reviews that Zonli’s cooling weighted blankets is so comfortable that people don’t want to get out of bed. They gives this cooling weighted blanket a high rating: “Whether you're looking for a calming product that helps you sleep through the night or browsing for a cozy blanket for your living room, shoppers can't recommend this weighted blanket enough.” 

Weighted Blanket on Business Insider

Caroline Moss was an editor at Business Insider. She has suffered from anxiety which wake her up two or three times a night for 20-25 minutes at a time. She used to rely on melatonin tablets, but they would sometimes work too well, causing nightmares, which brings on a whole different kind of anxiety. Luckily, She found Zonli weighted blanket as another solution. “I've been sleeping with this weighted blanket for 6 months, and I've noticed a huge change in the quality of my sleep” Caroline says in Business Insider.


Weighted Blanket on Sleep foundation

As major press for health and sleep, The comprehensive health information in Sleep foundation is drawn from high-quality sources and reviewed by experts in the field. They work under the premise that sleep is a pillar of health and that quality information about sleep promotes overall wellness. Therefore, They personally test every product featured in reviews and guide to provide accurate, data-driven recommendations. Sleep foundation made a detailed analysis on Zonli weighted blankets in construction, performance, weight options, and value. And finally they got a objective conclusion:  “The Zonli Weighted Blanket’s internal components are high-quality and the blanket is fairly durable when cared for correctly. Zonli’s weighted blanket could be an excellent match for anyone needing a warm weighted blanket at a below-average price-point.”

Weighted Blanket on Sleep Judge

We love seeing our weighted blankets being recognized by such professional sleep press. ”If you have been considering a weighted blanket to help with sleep issues, stress, or anxiety, Zonli is a great option to consider. ” Sleep Judge drew the conclusion after a comprehensive analysis on the blanket.




Cooling Weighted Blanket on Womens Health

Since it launched in 2005, Women's Health has been a trusted, award-winning source of information on the latest health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and beauty news and trends. Weighted blanket, as a routine part of stress relief and healthy sleep habits, is focused by this press for good reason.  According to Women’s Health, If you're a hot sleeper who's tempted to ditch your weighted blanket , this is your sign to invest in Zonli a cooling weighted blanket. “ They give the same calming vibes regular weighted blankets do, but are made with materials that keep your body temp at a comfy level for you.”

Weighted Blanket on House Beautiful

The editor of House Beautiful Julia Smith once said in her blog that she had three requirements for weighted blanket that were non-negotiable: It had to be under $100, it had to be washable, and it had to be breathable enough that she wouldn’t sweat to death in it. Here is her Initial Thoughts On The Zonli Weighted Blanket: “The fabric is soft enough to the touch that it wouldn’t necessarily need a duvet, the glass beads stayed in place within the little squares stitched through the blanket, and the beads weren’t loud at all — which was a common fear among potential buyers in the review section.”



As weighted blankets continue to help more people sleep better, they are bound to continue to appear in the media in various forms. If you're hearing about weighted blankets for the first time in the news, you may want to learn how they work or how to choose the best weighted blanket for you. We've got you covered! Our weighted blankets are a natural way to get a better night's sleep and we hope they will bring some comfort and calm to your days like they do to ours.

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