Cooling Weighted Blanket-Grey

$79.00 USD $99.00
By ZonLi


Zonli Dark Grey Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made With The Finest Materials 

Our dark grey cooling weighted blanket is made of 100% bamboo viscose, which is smooth and ultra-soft. This blanket is perfect for hot summer nights and enables hot sleepers to stay cool and drier. Zonli Bamboo cooling weighted blanket will give you the same calming vibes as a regular weighted blanket but is made with fabric that will keep your body temperature at a comfy level.      

A Versatile Dark Grey Cooling Weighted Blanket 

You can wrap Zonli’s beautiful cooling weighted blanket around your shoulders when you work, read, or are tired, or lay it across your lap. Its color is soothing and will provide you with a relaxed feeling. Our dark grey cooling weighted blanket also makes a great gift for your family and friends. 

Zonli Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket: Worth Its Expense 

Our dark grey cooling weighted blanket is definitely worth the price. We’ve crafted this blanket with high-density sewing technology to prevent leakage of the beads and loose threads. It has small squares which distribute the glass beads inside the blanket evenly. We’ve also added a two-layer microfiber to keep you comfortable and cool. 

Shop A Matching Duvet Cover For Your Cooling Weighted Blanket 

We recommend you buy a duvet cover for your cooling weighted blanket to extend its lifespan. The loops will keep your blanket secure inside the duvet cover and prevent it from shifting. You can find a matching cover for your dark grey cooling weighted blanket from our extensive range of options. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, Zonli cooling weighted blanket is just what you need. This blanket will offer calming comfort without causing you to wake up in a puddle of sweat. Order your cooling weighted blanket and say goodbye to sweaty nights.