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A Complete Guide on Heated Weighted Blanket

Heated Weighted Blanket-Zonli-15lb&20lb

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Heated Weighted Blanket 

Wrapping yourself in a comfy, fluffy, and heavy blanket is the best feeling in the world. Have you ever wondered why a heavy and thick blanket feels more comforting than a lighter blanket? It is seen that a heavier blanket replicates the feeling of a hug, hence making a person feel more comfortable and secure.

Recently, Heated and Weighted Blanket has gained a lot of popularity. It is seen that this unique blanket has become an essential part of many people's routines as it is a fantastic stress buster and helps with sleep. Let's explore all the things about the heated weighted blanket and how you can benefit from it.


What is a Heated Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are not a new invention; however, they gained a lot of fame in the last couple of years. Heated and Weighted Blankets are designed to be heavier than usual blankets. These blankets come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. These blankets are filled with tiny plastic pellets or glass beads that increase their weight and make them heavier.

These blankets are excellent for people who face a hard time sleeping. This blanket also benefits people with anxiety and autism and helps a person feel calmer while sleeping.

Benefits of Heated Weighted Blanket:

The heated and weighted blanket has been shown to have a lot of benefits for the body. This blanket is a fantastic tool for managing stress and anxiety. Here we have mentioned different conditions in which heated weighted blanket has been very favorable.

It is seen that heated weighted blankets have a positive effect on people who have anxiety. The weighted blanket helps to suppress the autonomic nervous system and helps the body to feel more comfortable and safer. It is seen that heated and weighted blankets help people with insomnia. The pressure from this blanket makes people feel calm, sleep better, and feel energetic the next day.

This blanket has also been helpful in children with ADHD and Autism. It helps in enhancing their concentration and focus. It stimulates the sense of touch while helping them focus on the task. It also makes them less fidgety and keeps them still and concentrated.

How to find the Best Heated Weighted Blanket?

You cannot go to the market and get whatever weighted blanket you like. The first step in determining the perfect blanket for you is figuring out the correct weight of the blanket. The general rule of thumb while getting the weighted blanket is picking the one that is 10% of your body weight.

If your weight is about 140 pounds, the best heated weighted blanket will be about 14 pounds. The adult's weighted and heated blankets are commonly about 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds. You can find the right one according to your body weight.

The sizes and the weight of these blankets play an important role. Purchasing a blanket less than your body weight won't give you the right feels. This means you won't find it heavy enough to create a calming sensation and provide the pressure needed for your body.

When picking the blanket for a child, the blankets are usually lighter than the adults. They start from 5 pounds, and the weight goes higher. However, getting a weighted blanket for a kid is always preferred to get one they can quickly push off and feel comfortable in.


Different Fabric for the Heated and Weighted Blankets:

Different types of fabric are available in the market for the heated weight blanket. The fabric on the blanket matters a lot to provide comfort and relax your body. The following are commonly used fabrics for weighted blankets.

· Cotton Weighted Blanket:

If you want something that looks simple yet is suitable for the weighted blanket, then the weighted cotton blankets are perfect. They are soft to the touch, hypoallergic, and sturdy. The cotton fabric is extracted right from the cotton plants. Therefore, it is high-quality.

The cotton fabric is breathable and perfect even in hot weather. It allows the air to pass through easily; hence you will not feel hot.

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· Bamboo Viscose Weighted Blanket:

Bamboo viscose is made from the cellulose of bamboo. This is also a fantastic option if you want a breathable and lightweight fabric for the blanket. The best thing about this blanket is that it helps to remove the heat and moisture from the body rather than trapping it. It is highly stretchable and has a silky, luxurious feel.

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· Bamboo Muslin Weighted Blanket:

Another famous fabric from the weighted blanket is bamboo muslin, made from bamboo pulp. It is eco-friendly and perfect for everyday use. This is also very comfortable and has a soft texture.

· Tencel Weighted Blanket:

The Tencel weighted blanket is made from the eucalyptus plant. It has hypoallergic, eco-friendly, and anti-bacterial properties all in one. This is also very soft and fluffy. It has cooling properties that make it perfect for the hot summers.

Heated Weighted Blanket


Glass Beads or Plastic Pellets: Which Heated Weighted Blanket is Better?

You will see two kinds of blankets when you purchase a heated weighted blanket—one with plastic pellets and the other with glass beads. The glass beads blanket is considered a better alternative to plastic pellets. These eco-friendly glass beads provide the best weight while making the blanket breathable.

The glass beads provide the perfect amount of pressure on the body, and they get distributed evenly to keep the body warm. Glass beads are the ideal filler because they enhance the therapeutic properties of the blanket.

Best Heated Weighted Blanket:

If you are looking for a good and high-quality heated weighted blanket, then the weighted blankets by Zonli are the perfect option. Here you will find various kinds of heated and weighted blankets.

This is heaven for weighted blankets; you can find the perfect one for yourself. One of the best heated weighted blankets here is the Heated Weighted Blanket-20lbs-10 Heating Levels-12 Hours Auto. This great blanket will give you both a cooling and warm effect because of the heating feature. It has a 12-hour auto-off digital controller, 10 heat settings, and many other features. It is easy to wash and dry and provides the best therapeutic feeling. Therefore, this is a fantastic blanket you can find on this website.

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