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This Battery Heated Blanket Is a Must-have for Fall and Winter

Battery Heated Blanket

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It seems that keeping warm is a basic survival instinct.To escape the fall and winter cold, people have come up with various ways to keep warm, from clothing to architecture to heating devices, and keep on improving this over the years. There is one particularly effective means - the electric blanket. However, before we take steps to escape the cold weather, let's dig into how cold exposure our body and what’s the best way to keep us warm.

How Cold Affects the Human Body

Battery Heated Blanket

We all experience cold weather differently, but how do the biting wind and frosty mornings affect our bodies and our health? Cold with low temperatures can cause colds and flu, while the severe chill can even lead to health disorders called by the meaningful names "frostbite" and "frostbite." But these are not the only dangers posed by low temperatures and cold weather. Cold affects the body in many ways, and many of these effects are not readily apparent. To better understand the importance of staying warm and how best to do so, you should know exactly what happens when your body is exposed to prolonged or extreme cold.

Circulation - Cold weather can put a lot of stress on your circulatory system. When you are cold, your body reduces blood circulation to your extremities and skin. Instead, it concentrates blood in your internal organs to provide them with adequate heat and oxygen. However, this leaves less room for blood to move through the circulatory system. This leads to an increase in blood pressure, which is associated with an increased incidence of heart attacks and strokes. These two complications are responsible for a majority of deaths in the winter.

Metabolism - Metabolism is how the body supplies itself with energy for vital processes. In terms of direct effects, cold exposure burns excessive calories. Shivering leads to increased energy expenditure; moderate cold requires 30% more energy to regulate body temperature; extreme cold exposure can quickly deplete the body's stored energy and leave it vulnerable to a number of complications.

Muscles and Joints- This is the result of the effects of cold exposure on blood circulation. As oxygen becomes more scarce in the blood, especially in the extremities, it becomes more difficult to move the muscles. This can lead to decreased strength and mobility, as well as muscle soreness. For example, both osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia worsen in cold weather.

Different ways to keep warm

zonli battery powered heated blanket

There are two general approaches to keeping warm: one is to keep your surroundings warmer, and the other is to keep warm on an individual level. If you have to choose one of these methods, your first choice might be to use outside heat to keep warm. The most traditional way to keep warm is to wear multiple layers. However, with the development of technology, people have found different ways to escape the cold.

Central Heating - Central heating warms the entire room and is a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature in the office or home. However, reducing the humidity in the room can make us feel uncomfortable, which directly affects our sleep quality. If the heater is on throughout the day, our energy bills will skyrocket in cold weather.

 Electric blanket - Electric blankets are very effective heating devices. Generally, electric blankets that deliver their heat through built-in wires use little energy. The therapeutic warmth of an electric blanket can relieve muscle tension and soothe nerves during a stressful day at work. To meet the needs of people in different situations, electric blankets are not only used in bed. There are various warming blankets for living rooms, offices and even for travel.

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Get moving - it's easier said than done. I think the last thing you want to do when you are cold is to move. But the truth is that by moving, you'll improve circulation and keep warm.


Why it's especially important to keep warm while you sleep

electric blanket

Your body temperature is generally higher during the day and drops as your body prepares for sleep. Therefore, you are especially vulnerable to cold exposure when you go to sleep. When you are asleep, it is impossible to warm up through physical exertion, so warm clothes and an electric blanket are especially important during this time.


Why this electric blanket is the best choice to keep you warm in autumn and winter


electric blanket


It's fall and the cold weather is on its way to take over large parts of the country. Staying warm is once again becoming a major concern. As we have mentioned before, electric blankets are an energy-efficient way to stay warm and can help soothe the body, making them a great alternative to a heater turned up at night. In most cases, an electric blanket is used to keep warm in bed at night. But if you are cold in more than just your bedroom, this battery-powered electric blanket from Zonli might be the best solution for staying warm on the go in the fall and winter. Zonli's battery-powered electric blanket project uses FAR infrared heating and Action Wave heat reflection technology to provide hours of warmth and comfort.

The best part about this electric blanket is that it allows you to stay warm in cold weather and enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you are working at the office, driving in the car, lounging on the sofa or going camping, you can take this portable blanket with you with a small power bank to keep you warm for hours.

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