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How Long Does an Electric Heated Blanket Keep You Warm?

electric heated blanket

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Staying warm and fuzzy throughout the night is on everyone’s mind. The central heating system does a good job, but the expensive electricity bills are pinching your pocket now.

We believe there is an affordable and efficient option to stay warm during chilly winters. All you need is an electric throw blanket. You have to know that not every brand sells the most efficient electric throw blankets - some are just selling cheap and defective options.

You will reap the benefits if you get a heated electric throw blanket from a reputed brand. However, if there is a query in your head, we’re here to answer it. How long does an electric heated blanket keep you warm? Keep reading this post to find out!

electric heated blanket

What’s an Electric Heated Blanket, anyway?

An electric blanket is a covering with a built-in heating system so a sleeper can maintain a desirable temperature even in a cold room.

Most people prefer an electric blanket to save energy and stay warm throughout the night. It reduces the overall heating cost, and some blankets also come with adjustable settings so that you can control how hot the blanket can get.

And some blankets get heated within 5 minutes and keep you warm through the night.

‘Throughout the night, is a vague sentence, which is why prospective customers want to know how many hours an electric blanket will keep you warm. Is it safe to be using the electric blanket throughout the night? As you move forward, we will reveal that too.

How Many Hours Does an Electric Blanket Keep You Warm?

Electric blankets keep you warm for up to 12 hours. However, not every electric blanket is designed to keep you warm for 12 hours.

Some variants will automatically turn off after 6-8 hours, and some will turn off after 12 hours. It depends on the variant you choose.

The key is to choose a reputed brand and opt for an electric blanket that keeps you warm for 10-12 hours. An adult needs 8 hours of sleep, but some sleep 6-7 hours too. You can see what suits you and then purchase the best one.

Ensure you purchase an electric blanket that turns off automatically after a few hours.

Is It Safe To Use Electric Blankets For 12 Hours Straight?

Electric heated blankets are diligently tested, as and when they are introduced into the market.

Researchers run several tests and quality checks before these blankets come into your home. These are 100% safe, but you must also ensure that the blanket comes from a reliable source.

You do not have to worry about anything as these blankets automatically shut off after a few hours. The shut-off system makes it a safe option for human beings.

So, get yours and make sure you choose the right size of the electric heated blanket. One blanket should be comfortable and large enough for two people.

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