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What are the Benefits of Using a Weighted Cooling Blanket?

weighted cooling blanket

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There are several advantages to using a weighted cooling blanket, some of which are unexpected. The game-changing cooler technology used by the cooler blanket can change the way you sleep, so you get more rest each night.

weighted cooling blanket

You Should Purchase a Weighted Blanket, But Why?

NASA developed cooling blankets in the 1980s to help astronauts stay cool while traveling through hot regions. They have a long (and technical) history. Start with what cool blankets are intended to combat: overheated sleeping, for the best understanding of how they function.

Our bodies release heat while we are sleeping, which significantly warms the space around us. The issue is that some mattresses and bedding tend to hold this heat and moisture instead of releasing it, which causes a night of tossing and turning in a bed that feels like a sauna. The answer is yes if you have also pondered whether cooling mattresses or sheets are effective. However, if your mattress isn't made to keep you cool, using a cooling blanket can help you get a better night's sleep.

What Are Some of the Main Advantages of Using a Weighted Blanket For Therapy?

The Treatment of Insomnia With a Weighted Blanket

After a few nights of insomnia, you may feel like stabbing someone since insomnia may be a mood-killer. A person with insomnia finds it difficult to fall asleep peacefully due to a hidden anxiousness.

We just cannot unwind because of an unsettled feeling inside of us, which keeps us awake all the time. Being attentive is a good thing, but being alert while well-rested is even better.

With a cooling blanket, you feel pressure. Contrary to what you would believe, it literally pulls you down, and that is advantageous. See, this pressure gives us a sense of security and triggers the release of serotonin, which makes us happier and more relaxed and improves our ability to fall asleep.

Restless Leg Syndrome is Reduced by Using a Weighted Blanket

Another reason we can't sleep is restless leg syndrome, which can also keep us awake during the day, as when we're traveling. A weighted blanket has the same effect as someone grasping our legs and asking us to calm down.

Simply put, using a weighted blanket eliminates the restlessness that causes us to move our legs constantly when we have RLS since our body finds the extra pressure to be calming. 

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Weighted Blankets Are Similar to Hugs

Consider the fact that a weighted blanket is warm and heavy and applies pressure to your body. In essence, it does feel like a hug, like someone is holding us as we sleep. We all know that by itself can be a little unpleasant since it might restrict our movement, but with a weighted blanket, this is simply not an issue.

With a weighted blanket, you may move about as you sleep and change positions without letting the hug end. As a result, you continue to feel safe and secure throughout the entire night. 

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For Hot Sleepers, a Weighted Cooling Blanket is a Blessing

A weighted cooling blanket made of 100% bamboo viscose is ultra-soft and smooth and provides you with an ice-cold feeling. These blankets are designed to reduce excessive heat through the use of fewer layers made of the finest materials, including 100% breathable cotton and cooling lyocell from bamboo. The fabric is organic, free of harsh chemicals, and environmentally friendly. The cold touch of the blanket will keep you cool all night by providing you tranquility.

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