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What Do Hot Sleepers Need For A Good Night's Sleep?

What Do Hot Sleepers Need For A Good Night's Sleep?

Lucas Lu |


Are you a hot sleeper, or do you have night sweats? It is normal for our body temperature to change while we sleep, but if you wake up feeling uncomfortable or much warmer than during the day, you may be a hot sleeper. Nothing ruins sleep more than feeling like a furnace. You toss and turn on your hot, sweaty sheets and watch watch the hours tick by. If this happens to you often, then you know how elusive refreshing sleep can be. Constant sleep deprivation can be debilitating and even lower your quality of life.

Your bed is a major factor when it comes to your sleep temperature. The material of your mattress - foam, latex, springs - has an impact on your sleeping temperature. In this article, we will discuss why some mattress got you hot and how to choose the best cooling bedding.




Why your memory foam mattress gets hot at night?

Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam is said to reduce back pain and other aches and pains by ensuring that no part of your body is under too much pressure. This sounds good in theory as it adapts to the shape of your body while you sleep, keeping you comfortable and ensuring that your spine is aligned. However, the question is, will your memory foam mattress make you too hot?  The answer is yes, it probably will.

Trap the heat

It all has to do with the material used in foam mattresses. Memory foam was invented in the 1960s by NASA scientists to keep test pilots safe and to absorb some of the gravity during lift-off. By design, it is dense and has a high energy absorption capacity. This explains why it works well to reduce shock, but it also explains why your memory foam mattress gets too hot. Essentially, it traps your body's heat, making your sleep environment hot and sometimes even causing sweating. But it's what happens next that causes your problems. Because memory foam is a synthetic, impermeable material, it absorbs your body heat and then reflects it back to you, which means you gradually heat up, getting hotter and hotter throughout the night. Your body temperature only needs to increase by a few degrees for your sleep to be disrupted.

Make night sweats worse

When your body heats up, your skin produces sweat to try to cool it down. But for some people with night sweats, they may sweat so much that even on a cool night, they wake up in bed with their clothes soaked through. Because memory foam is synthetic, once you start sweating, there's nowhere for the moisture to go. This will make it soak through your bed and clothes, making you feel uncomfortable and, more annoyingly, it keeps you awake in your sleep.

Drain more energy

It's normal to toss and turn at night. In fact, we move an average of 70 times a night. During normal sleep, this doesn't wake us up. However, when you sleep on memory foam that will mold to the shape of your body, tossing and turning requires more energy. Your body creates an indentation in the mattress, so you actually have to roll on it to get out of it and create a new indentation. It's likely that all of this effort will bring you out of deep sleep every time. And this doesn't need to happen many times a night to make you tired when you wake up in the morning.


What makes a bed sleep cool?

Now, if you've determined that your memory foam mattress is the cause of your sleep disruption and have decided to replace it, be sure to choose a mattress made of natural, breathable fibers rather than synthetic materials to avoid your mattress getting too hot. Here we've made some suggestions to help you choose.

Construction: Choose an innerspring or hybrid mattress. The material and construction of the mattress is key to sleeping cooler. In general, the denser the material of the mattress, the more heat it retains. This means that tightly structured materials such as foam are warmer, while loose natural fibers such as wool and cotton are cooler. Hybrid spring mattresses strategically layer foam, fabric fillings and springs to promote air flow and make the entire mattress more breathable.

Material: Choose mattress foam with cooling capabilities. Compared to other less dense materials, foam traps more heat, but some foams are cooler to sleep on than others. Generally speaking, traditional visco elastic memory foam sleeps the warmest, latex sleeps the coolest, and polyurethane falls somewhere in between. The good news is that the new generation of memory foams, such as those made with plant-based ingredients, retain less heat than older memory foams. Adding a cooling gel layer and a breathable fabric cover also helps.

But let's say you don't want to spend money on a replacement right now and see no point in throwing your mattress out with the trash and buying a new one just because your bed is too hot. There are still some methods to help you cool down and get a good night's sleep on your memory foam mattress.

Add a cooling cover: Try bamboo mattress protector. Bamboo is a very good material at keeping you cool. Bamboo viscose is made from natural fibers, so it is breathable and can disperse some of your body's heat. Even better, wool mattress protector can help take the sweat away from your body, keeping you nice and dry. Some other cooling material,like silk, tencel and PE fabric can also be your perfect option. These materials are excellent in absorbing heat and moisture.

Try new sheets: In the same vein as the cover, if your mattress is hot from sleeping on it, a great solution is to supplement it with breathable sheets made of natural materials such as bamboo and cotton to promote air flow and cooling.

Best choice for a cool night sleep 

If you are a hot sleeper and still struggling with choosing a best cooling mattress, Zonli cooling mattress is a great option for you.

Made of high-quality Eperan-PP™ foam and durable sponge, Zonli cooling mattress conforms to your body and provides seamless support and balance. The fabric of the cover is made if PE material, which is durable and much cooler than many other textile.  
In addition, zonli cooling mattress can be slept on without a bed frame. It can be used in place of yoga mats or for sleeping purposes. You can even take it with you when you are on trips and camping, as they are very portable and fold down easily. With this portable mattress, you can get  cool and comfortable anytime, anywhere.

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