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Cordless Heated Blanket VS Wall Plug Heated Blanket : Which One is Better?

cordless heated blanket

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cordless heated blanket

If you're finding that your regular blanket isn't cutting it when the temperature drops, it might be time to consider a heated blanket. The beauty of a heated blanket lies in its ability to quickly provide warmth, thanks to its electric power. For those chilly nights, a wall plug heated blanket offers cozy comfort, ensuring better sleep. Alternatively, if you need warmth in spaces where cords can't reach, a cordless heated blanket is a great choice. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each type and understand where they're best used before investing in an electric blanket. Unsure about which type of heating blanket suits you best? This article is here to break down the differences between cordless electric blankets and traditional wall-plug ones. Based on your personal needs, you'll find one that's just right for you.

Overview - cordless heated blanket vs wall plug heated blanket

For those seeking added warmth in chilly weather, both cordless electric blankets and wall plug electric blankets offer excellent options. Cordless electric blankets, ideal for those who prefer mobility, are easily portable and don't require a wall outlet. Some cordless variants are even waterproof, allowing outdoor use.

On the other hand, wall-plugged electric heating blankets are perfect for individuals who want temperature control. These blankets are plugged into an electrical outlet, generating consistent warmth across the entire blanket. Often spacious, they can be wrapped around your entire body, especially in the case of larger sizes.  Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference when deciding which type of heated blanket is best for you.

What is a cordless heated blanket?

cordless heated blanket

A cordless heated blanket is a cozy solution for warmth, functioning on rechargeable batteries rather than being tethered to a wall outlet. Engineered to deliver a snug sleep experience without the hassle of cords, these blankets prioritize safety and portability with lower voltage operation.

Typically, these blankets employ built-in rechargeable batteries or can be powered by external battery packs. The battery voltage ranges from 5 volts (common for USB-powered models) up to 12 volts, with variations like 7.4 volts in some instances.

This versatile heating blanket is ideal for various settings where a wall outlet is inaccessible, making it perfect for activities such as camping trips, extended car journeys, or any situation that demands warmth without constraints.

What is a wall plug heated blanket?

heated blanket


A wall plug heated blanket is designed to generate warmth through integrated heating wires and requires power by being plugged into wall outlets. There are different types of wall plug heated blankets, including underblankets, overblankets, throws, and duvets. An underblanket is positioned above the mattress and below the bottom bed sheet.

These blankets typically operate at a standard household voltage, which is 110-120 volts AC (Alternating Current) in the United States. This voltage aligns with most household electrical outlets in the U.S. and is similar in other countries, although regional variations exist (e.g., 220-240 volts in many European countries). The design allows these blankets to be directly plugged into standard wall outlets, offering consistent and adjustable warmth. Wall plug heated blankets can be used to pre-heat the bed before use or to keep the occupant warm while in bed.

Cordless heated blanket VS wall plug heated blanket : which one should you choose?

The battle of cordless heated blankets vs wall plug heated blankets is really a battle of pros vs cons, and how much weight you put behind each. Let’s view them side by side for a closer look.

Comfort and warmth

Due to voltage limitations, portable battery-powered cordless heating blankets may not provide as efficient heating as wall-plug electric blankets. Additionally, the heated area is often confined to the primary usage region of the blanket. Cordless heating blankets typically feature two or three temperature settings. It's estimated that a 20,000 mAh battery can maintain a blanket's warmth at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for up to three hours. Therefore, when choosing a cordless heating blanket, it's essential to consider both temperature settings and the duration of heat retention.

On the other hand, wall plug-in electric blankets often include a timer setting, making them ideal for those who need targeted heat for a specific duration or prefer undisturbed sleep. These blankets offer adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to control the heat intensity. Most wall-plug heating blankets provide three to five settings, with some models offering as many as twenty.

Size and usage

cordless heated blanket

Cordless heating blankets offer portability, typically sized as throws (standard size: 50 * 60 inches), making them lightweight and easy to pack. Their versatility allows for indoor and outdoor use, making them suitable for various settings such as camping trips, sports events, RV travels, hospitals, offices, or simply lounging on the couch. They keep you warm wherever you go.

Conversely, traditional electric blankets rely on a fixed wall outlet, limiting their usage primarily to bedrooms or confined indoor spaces. To cater to different outlet placements, the connectors for electric blankets are often located in the center or corners of the bottom edge. Given their predominant use in beds, these blankets come in larger sizes (TWIN/QUEEN/KING/CAL KING).

Lifespan and durability

Cordless Heated Blankets:
  • Battery Life: The lifespan of cordless blankets is largely dependent on their rechargeable batteries, which have a limited number of charge cycles. High-quality batteries typically last a few years with regular use.
  • Durability: The longevity of the blanket is also determined by the quality of its heating elements, wiring, and fabric. Proper care and following usage instructions can extend its lifespan.

Wall Plug Heated Blankets:

  • These blankets often outlast cordless models due to their direct connection to a stable power source, which minimizes component wear.
  • Considerations for longevity include the durability of electrical components and fabric. Regular maintenance can help these blankets last several years.

Pricing and features

cordless heated blanket with accessaries
Cordless Electric Blankets:

  • Prices range from $30 to $300, influenced by special features like batteries, car adapters, chargers, and backpacks for added convenience.
  • Cost varies based on the need for specialized warming equipment. More basic models are available for as low as $30, suitable for simple use like keeping warm in a car.

Wall Plug Electric Blankets:

  • The price spectrum for these blankets is from $20 to over $200, depending on features and quality.
  • Basic models are very economical, costing only about 5 pence per hour to operate. This makes them a cost-effective alternative to extensive central heating, especially in unused rooms.

Care and cleaning

Cordless heating blankets are great for outdoor use because they don't require cords, but they can get dirty easily. To avoid damaging the electric heating elements inside the blanket, it is recommended that you do not wash the blanket frequently. We recommend investing in a waterproof and dustproof cordless heating blanket to prevent dust and spills from soiling the blanket. For minor spills, simply clean the blanket with a damp cloth or towel.

Wall plug electric blankets are usually machine washable, but rarely machine dryable. It is important to unplug the cord and follow the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your electric blanket, check cords, plugs and cords frequently.


Cordless Heated Blankets:


  • Cordless design eliminates the risk of tripping over cords, making it safer, especially for mobility-impaired individuals.
  • Portable nature allows for versatile use indoors and outdoors.


  • Reliance on rechargeable batteries may pose a risk if damaged or overused.
  • Batteries need careful monitoring to avoid potential hazards.
  • Limited power compared to wall plug models may affect overall warmth.

Wall Plug Electric Blankets:


  • Continuous power supply ensures consistent and reliable heating.
  • Generally equipped with safety features like overheat protection and automatic shutoff.
  • No need for batteries reduces the risk associated with battery use.

  • Presence of cords may pose a tripping hazard if not managed properly.
  • Limited mobility due to the necessity of an electrical outlet.


When selecting the right heated blanket for you, take into account what purpose it will serve, how frequently it will be used, the comfort level required, your budget, and the design. Then, you can accurately determine which solution best suits your needs.

To summarize see our table:

Features and Considerations

Cordless Heated Blanket

Regular Heated Blanket


Price changes a lot according to brand and accessaries

Price changes a lot according to brand and material


Temperature range is limited, typically from 35- 50 ℃

Temperature range is not limited, typically from 20- 60 ℃

Heat setting

2-3 heat settings, heating time limited

Up to 20 heat settings, no time limited



typical size 50*60inch


various size


Very versatile, has no scene restriction

Versatile but has scene restriction

Ease of cleaning

Extremely easy to clean;
Machine washable/dry

Easy to clean;
Machine washable/

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