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Battery Use Guide - Properly Taking Care of Your Batteries

Battery Use Guide

Lucas Lu |

Hey there! As winter approaches, our Zonli battery heated blankets have been flying off the shelves because of their cozy comfort. We've noticed lots of you have been asking about how to charge these blankets. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We've gathered all your questions and put together a perfect solution for charging your Zonli battery heated blanket. Stay warm and worry-free!


What battery does Zonli provide?

At Zonli store, we offer two classic types of batteries: the 5V lithium battery and the 12V lithium battery. You can find the specifications in the illustrations below.



5V battery





5V battery:







12V battery






12V battery:





What products can be charged by battery in Zonlihome?


Compatible with all USB chargers(5V battery)

Z-Walk USB Battery Heated Blanket >>
Z-Walk USB Wearable Heated Blanket >>
Z-Walk 3-in-1 USB Heated Blanket & Pillow >>
USB Battery Heated Pad& Pillow >>


Compatible with car charger and power station DCs(12V battery)

Z-Walk Pro 36W Heated Blanket >>
Z-Walk Pro 36W Hooded Blanket >>


How long will my battery last?

Our batteries are expected to last approximately 300charge/discharge cycles. That means you can charge to 100% capacity and let it die at 0%, about 300 times. How long it /asts depends on how frequently you're using the battery.

All Zonli battery-heated products offers three heat settings– low, medium, and high – with varying heating times depending on the level you choose.


What can I do to extend the life of my battery?

It's important to fully charge and discharge your battery every 3-6 months. This entails charging it to full capacity, connecting it to your balnket, and using it until it runs out of power. Afterward, fully charge the battery and store it in a dry, cool place. This practice helps prolong the battery's lifespan, as extended periods of non-use can be detrimental to lithium batteries. We suggest doing this maintenance routine during the summer when you're less likely to rely on the battery for warmth.


 12v battery

Can I plug a different battery into my Zonli product?

The Zonli Portable Heated product is compatible with other batteries featuring both USB and DC interfaces. However, we cannot guarantee the heating time. Lithium batteries come in different capacities, and if the battery charge surpasses the blanket's capacity, it might not function optimally.


Can I bring my Lithium batteries on an airplane?

Our batteries are safe for travel on an airplane. However, due to FAA regulations, you must pack your battery in your carry-on baggage.


How do I dispose of my batteries?

It's crucial not to dispose of lithium batteries in the trash due to safety and environmental concerns. Instead, they should be recycled. You can visit to find a recycling drop-off location in your area specifically for lithium batteries.


Battery Dos and Dont


Battery Do's

  • Do recycle your battery properly
  • Do fully charge/discharge/charge your battery at least every 3-6 months
  • Do pack your battery in your carry-on luggage when flying
  • Do use Zonli Heat batteries in your Zonli Heat product for guaranteed heating time and temperature

Battery Don'ts

  • Don't throw your battery in the garbage
  • Don't forget to fully charge/discharge/charge your battery at least every 3-6 months
  • Don't pack your battery in checked luggage
  • Don't use your battery if it has been damaged, dropped, or tampered with


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