Comfy Cooling Blanket

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By ZonLi


Sleep Your Best With The Comfy Cooling Blanket!

Wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized when sleeping with the Comfy Cooling Blanket. We spend a third of our lives asleep so it's imperative you prioritize your comfort at night. Using special cooling fabric, our Comy Cooling Blanket will cover you in blissful cooling comfort all night long. No more tossing and turning from being uncomfortable or too hot with this Comfy Cooling Blanket!

Why You Need Our Comfy Cooling Blanket:

  1. Uses special Japanese Cooling Fibers to maintain a cool body temperature
  2. Helps you fall asleep quicker during hot summer nights and days
  3. Elegantly stitched together making this blanket a nice  way to complete your bed set
  4. Lightweight fabric that will have you sleeping in minutes

Stay cool and comfy in our Comfy Cooling Blanket and order yours today!

Material: A Side: 65%Polyamide & 35%Pe Cool Fabric  B Side:100% Polyester

59'' X 79''


"it's like cooling off in a pool on a hot summer night"


The Best Cooling Blanket

The Science behind our chilling Fabric

Years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology helped us perfect the science and create our mindblowing fabric.

The ULTIMATE Coolness

By regulating your temperature and boosting melatonin, our cooling fabric helps you fall asleep faster. Sleep in a cool, comfortable environment.

Radically soft

Summer time heat makes for very uncomfortable sleeps. You will enjoy a more peaceful sleep thanks to the luxuriously comfortable and silky smooth fabric, which reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

Dry in a matter of minutes

Suffering from night sweats?! Worry no more. It wicks away sweat and moisture so you wake up feeling fresh and ready to go!

Coolest Fabric

How cool a fabric feels is measured through Qmax. A higher Qmax value means a cooler to the touch feeling.

0.11 0.15 0.19 0.21 0.38






Let’s Answer Some of Your Questions

How cool?

By regulating your temperature and boosting melatonin, our cooling fabric helps you fall asleep faster. Sleep in a cool, comfortable environment.

How does it work?

Our Cool Technology Fabric can quickly absorb human body heat, when the human body touches the fabric, the body surface temperature immediately drops by about 2 to 5 degrees, so that the body feels cool.

How reversible?

We designed this with a two-tone color that can be used on both sides! One is cooling, the other one is regular, so that you can switch it up depending on your mood!

Is safe for everyone?

Yes, most people are perfectly safe with a lightweight blanket, our lightweight blanket is safe for babies and toddlers.

Washing washable?

Yes, it is safe for the washing machine, To beat preserve its cooling effect, please keep it out of direct sun, and please day it in a cool,well-ventilated place.

Can I dry the cold blanket in the dryer?

No, our cold blanket is made of special cold-sensing materials. If it is dried in a dryer, that may affect the cooling effect of the cold blanket.