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Best Floor Mattresses 2024- In-Depth Reviews from Sleepfoundation

Best Floor Mattresses 2024- In-Depth Reviews from Sleepfoundation

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The ultra-versatile Zonli Home Futon Mattress is soft yet supportive and built to provide a wide range of uses — both in and outside of your home.

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Zonli Home Futon Mattress

Most Versatile Mattress

Equally comfortable on your floor or guest room bed frame, in an RV, or inside a tent under the stars, the Zonli Home Futon Mattress is a versatile option with an approachable sticker price. It’s uncommon to find a floor mattress this thoughtfully designed — the interior contains three individual layers, including a middle layer of dense foam that keeps your body on an even plane.

How It Performed

Our team enjoyed the Home Futon Mattress for its above-average support. Most mattresses with 3-inch profiles offer limited pushback, but this model resists sinkage quite well. We also awarded high marks during our temperature control tests. This can be attributed to the breathable cover and inner fill that doesn’t retain too much heat. Our hands-on tests indicate the mattress is suitable for adults and children alike, though anyone weighing more than 230 pounds may test the limit of its support system.

What It’s Made of

The 3-inch profile consists of dense foam sandwiched between layers of fiber fill, resulting in plushness on the surface and a decent support system. A cotton cover brings cooling and temperature control to the multi-purpose design. Three cover colors are available.

The mattress is fairly soft and moldable, allowing you to easily roll it up and transport it for trips. You can also fit the mattress inside a sleeping bag’s stuff sack for easy storage when camping. Other uses include a mat for yoga, a soft surface for children to play on, and a cushion for reading or lounging in the backyard on a warm day. Your overnight guests should also find the mattress comfortable thanks to its balanced medium (5) feel.

You can choose between a full or queen size, both of which are reasonably priced, and standard ground shipping is free for customers in the contiguous U.S. Your trial and return period for the Home Futon Mattress spans 30 nights in length. Zonli issues full refunds during this time frame, minus a 10% processing fee.

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How to Choose a Floor Mattress

While floor mattresses can be very convenient and versatile, it’s important to find a model that fits your needs. We’ll break down what to look for, what types of floor mattresses are available, and the potential pros and cons. 

What to Look For in a Floor Mattress

Along with being mindful of your needs, there are several other factors to consider when purchasing a floor mattress. You may find that some companies use misleading language when describing their products. Marketing claims frequently aim to make mattress models seem ideal for everyone, but no option is perfect for all sleepers. Focusing on the construction of the mattress can help you make an informed choice. 


For a budget-conscious mattress shopper, a floor mattress can be a good alternative to a more traditional model. Many floor mattresses range between $100 and $250. However, luxury models can reach over $1,000.

Portability and Storage

Due to their lightweight design and ability to fold or roll up, floor mattresses are easy to move and store. If you want a mattress you can put away when not in use, a floor mattress is a top choice. 

Cleaning and Care

Most floor mattresses are not machine-washable. That said, some come with removable, washable covers. You can usually vacuum the mattress itself to get rid of dust and debris. Following the manufacturer’s care instructions can help prevent damage.


Most floor mattresses range between 2 and 6 inches thick, making them significantly thinner than the average mattress. 

Anti-Slip Base

If you frequently change positions while sleeping, a floor mattress placed directly on a smooth floor may slide around. Some mattresses have anti-slip surfaces on their undersides to prevent them from moving. However, you can also use a separate non-slip or rubber pad to achieve the same effect. 

Quality Materials

Floor mattresses that consist of quality materials are often more durable. Common floor mattress materials include polyfoam, memory foam, latex, cotton, and polyester. Most contain some combination of these materials. 

Firmness Level

Because floor mattresses are relatively thin and sit directly on the floor, most are medium firm to firm. This firmness level is especially popular with back and stomach sleepers. Thicker floor mattresses are often on the softer end of the range since more material separates the sleeper from the floor. Side sleepers typically prefer thicker, softer models. 

Pressure Relief

Sleepers often experience pressure around areas of their bodies that press harder against the sleep surface. A floor mattress’ ability to relieve pressure depends largely on its thickness and how it redistributes the sleeper’s weight. Many thin floor mattresses offer minimal pressure relief, which is often comfortable for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers frequently prefer thicker floor mattresses with more room for their hips and shoulders to sink in.

Motion Isolation

Floor mattresses with thicker foam layers tend to absorb motion, preventing vibrations from spreading to the other side of the sleep surface. Motion isolation is particularly important for people who have a sleep partner who frequently changes positions.

Temperature Regulation

Depending on its materials and design, a mattress may either trap heat or help regulate temperature. Floor mattresses consisting of cotton or latex tend to be highly breathable. Foam and polyester typically allow less air circulation. If you sleep hot, using a platform or slatted base may provide better temperature regulation. 

Edge Support

Because floor mattresses are relatively thin, most sleepers are unlikely to notice if they lack edge support. That said, it may be more pronounced in thicker foam models. A weak edge could limit the usable surface area or make sleepers feel like they may accidentally roll onto the floor. 


Contouring refers to how a mattress shapes around your body. This quality is closely associated with pressure relief. Floor mattresses tend to be firmer and thinner, meaning they generally have less contouring. While this can limit pressure relief, it can also enhance ease of movement. If contouring is a high priority for you, consider a thicker foam floor mattress. 

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