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Your Decorating Essentials: Cozy Throw Blankets

Your Decorating Essentials: Cozy Throw Blankets

Lucas Lu |

A blanket can be the best gift, no matter who the recipient is. From nap time to decorating, these little blankets are best used outside of bedtime. Plus, throws come in many colors and patterns that can be a fantastic addition if you're trying to spice up a room.

What's the difference between a throw and a blanket?

Purpose: Regular throws are meant for warmth in bed and are placed over other bedding layers. In contrast, throws are more decorative. You can snuggle up with a cozy throw and enjoy its aesthetic pattern

Size: a regular blanket is used for a whole bed, while a throw blanket is mainly there to cover your body. Therefore, a typical throw blanket is usually smaller than your comforter. A standard comforter is about 50 x 60 inches, but it can come in any other size that suits your needs.


Why do you need a throw blanket?

Versatility- Throw blankets are super versatile in both style and function. Thanks to their smaller size, throws are incredibly mobile. Except for placing the soft blanket on your bed, you can also drape one on the couch or over the arm of a chair, making it a simple dining decor.. the throw blanket could still be pleasing to your eyes even just hung up in the wall.

Home Decor- The patterns and colors of different throws can turn any basic space into a pleasing and cozy setting. It’s possible to find themed throws for your room with elements from books, films, or TV programs on them and these can be wonderful gifts with a personal touch. At certain times of the year, you will find throws that may have Christmas patterns or other designs. You can even use these throw blankets to simply enhance the look of your room during the holiday season.

Light warmth - On a cold winter night, a throw blanket cannot replace a regular blanket. The warmth keeper shouldn't throw them out, but that doesn't mean you should drive them out. Instead, a throw is a perfect partner if you need extra warmth for your bed or a cozy blanket to snuggle up in on the couch.

cozy throw blankets

Refresh your home for fall with Zonli throw blankets

With the arrival of fall, there’s a definite shift in our interiors as well, with windows closed up and darker hours descending. And if you work a nine-to-five, chances are the sun is setting by the time you call it a day. Thankfully, there are some easy steps you can take to give your home a refreshing makeover for fall, and a Zonli throw blanket can just satisfy your taste.

Boho Waffle Throw 

Zonli recommends starting with Boho Waffle Blankets, injecting a feeling of warmth with pumpkin color.

This boho waffle blanket owns an appealing look in addition to its primary function of warmth. The blanket ensures that the threads are precisely interlaced, making it super soft and cozy. Just put it on any basic furniture in your living room, then it will make your home more relaxed than a pumpkin spice latte.

Checkout: Boho Waffle Throw 


Double-knit Throw

Fall is the best time to cuddle up on the sofa and binge-watch your favorite show. If you want to spend a pleasant time with a pretty and practical throw blanket, Zonli Double-knit Blanket is a great option. It comes with various patterns, which could add a touch of elegance while keeping you warm.

Our best-selling throws are the “Snuggle Blessing Collection”, including leopard blankets, stripe blankets, and geometric throw blankets...all of these patterns could add a pop of color to your room. The texture of the blanket is incredibly soft. It is a plush blend of materials that makes for great comfort. With a reversible pattern that offers twice the styling options, this double-knit blanket will enhance your decor and make you feel super comfortable. 




Checkerboard Throw Blanket

If you prefer softer hues, Checkerboard Throw Blanket is also one of the best choices to brighten up shorter days. 

To welcome the arrival of a new season, your living room can be decked with this beautiful blanket, creating a high-low contrast in shades of black and white. Throw blankets with checkered patterns are made of polyester, a durable material. Even after repeated washings, the fabric of this blanket won't fade. After using it for a long time, it can retain the same color and contrast as new.

 Check out: checkerboard throw blanket


These oversized Throw blankets from the SnuggleBlessing

SnuggleBlessing Collection are perfect for snuggling. After a long and tiring evening at the office or outdoors, all you want is to flop into the bed and catch a five-star snooze. You'll be amazed at how soft these blankets are. They're created with a plush material that feels as good as it looks. This double-knit blanket in a reversible design is one of our bestsellers, and it will add elegance to your space while keeping you comfortable.

The one-of-a-kind design is quite bohemian. You can place it on your couch or cover furniture with it. If you feel like watching a movie and turning on the air conditioning unit, this throw blanket will keep you and your partner warm and fuzzy.

If you are looking for a throw blanket that offers style, comfort, warmth, and a touch of elegance, then zonli SnuggleBlessing throw blanket is the best option. You can machine-wash the product. It does not lose any color or original shape as it's made with high-quality materials.


Chunky Knit Blanket

Another way to up the cozy factor in a home is adding an extra blanket in chunky knits, for those who favor the bold and prefer vibrant colors. This Orange Chunky Weighted Blanket won't let you down.

This knitted blanket is completely handmade. It is like the blanket your grandmother made for you, full of love and warmth. Throw it on your bed with the other items in the set to transform your room and give it a warm and elegant feel. The chunky weighted blanket is made of core-spun yarn fabric, making it durable, breathable and machine washable. With its bright color, this chunky knitted blanket brings a touch of life to fall, and is a great gift for a friend!

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