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The Best Camping Heated Blankets in 2023

The Best Camping Heated Blankets in 2023

Lucas Lu |

The best camping experiences are those full of adventure, long hikes, and warm cozy blankets while you gaze at the stars. The great thing about camping is that you can do it anytime and anywhere! But, if you're camping in the winter season or in places with colder temperatures, you must be extra prepared. This is where a camping heated blanket comes into the picture.  

Campling in cold weather

What is a camping heated blanket?  

Camping-heated blankets are electric-powered blankets that generate their heat. They look and feel like any other thick, cozy blanket, but they use a battery, can be connected to electricity and charged, and you can control their temperature. So yes, you can create a sanctuary on your bed with your preferred temperature.  

There are two major versions of camping heated blankets; the battery-powered version and the ones with a power cord.  

The battery-powered versions do not require you to plug them in before they work; they can work for long hours as long as you charge them. Once you turn it on, it takes at most two minutes for a battery-powered heated blanket to become warm and cozy enough for you to use.

You have to plug the heated blankets with power cords into an extension box or wall switch before you can use them. They usually come with super long power cords- cables can be as long as 10 feet. It is that long, so you can use them anywhere, even while plugged in. The good thing about these is that you can always disconnect the cords and use them as regular blankets.  

If you're a regular camper, a heated camping blanket should be on top of your list of must-have accessories. It will surely come in handy on cold nights and in harsh weather.  


Why buy a camping heated blanket?

A camping heated blanket can be the difference between having a positively unforgettable camping experience and a not-so-great one. Camping can be rough; no matter how you try to spin it, you cannot compare your tent mat or RV bed to a warm cozy bedroom. Instead of turning on the heater in your RV or trying to make a fire, all you have to do is turn on your blanket and wrap yourself inside it.  

Having this blanket is like taking the warmth of your cozy bed everywhere you go. Studies have shown that warmth from heated blankets helps to promote better sleep. This is because your body temperature gradually drops as you sleep, but having a warm heated blanket can help your body regulate its temperature, leading to a much more relaxing sleep.  

cosy and warm campling blanket for better sleep

Another great reason you should buy a camping heated blanket is that they help you conserve energy. Having one replaces the need for you to adjust your chamber thermostat constantly. This will not only help you spend less but also prevent you from using too much electricity.  

When you have a heated camping blanket in your corner, you can still do the things you love and enjoy outdoors, even during colder weather.  


How to Choose the Best Heated Blanket for Camping  

Many heated blankets are out there, so choosing the best ones can be a hassle. The good news is that you can look out for certain key features when shopping for the best camping heated blanket. Some significant features to look out for include;

Power Source

A good camping heated blanket has to have a reliable power source. The power source can be a battery or a USB port for direct charging. This is how the blanket generates heat, so without a power source, you can't trust how much heat the blanket can generate.  

Some smaller electric blankets even have up to 12-volt plugs that you can connect to your RVs or cars; the options are endless. But, again, considering your preference and your environment, you can select the model that suits you best. 


Campers are always looking for ways to reduce their load, so they carry only essentials in lightweight bags. A good camping heated blanket should be portable enough to carry around, fit in your backpack, or hang on its side.  

It should also be easy to unfold for use. You don't want a blanket taking up all the space in your tent or campervan.  

Zonli battery blanket


How hot can the blanket get? Or what is its maximum temperature? These are essential questions to ask when looking for that perfect camping heated blanket. A blanket with a low-temperature peak will be almost useless when facing harsh weather, so you should always look for one with low and high-temperature options.  

Power Cord  

Heated blankets with power cords are very reliable. A heated blanket with a power cord can be connected directly to electricity via a wall socket or your vehicle's cigarette lighter and used for over 7 hours.  

The power cord should be long and have high-quality to prevent possible electrical hazards. For example, most heated blankets offer power cords as long as 19 feet, so you can plug it anywhere and use it away from the power switch.  

Heat Setting  

There are days when you may just want to stay cozy and warm, and there will be days when the cold shows no mercy. A good heated blanket should allow you to choose how warm you want it to be.  

There should be at least three heat settings in a battery-powered heated blanket to regulate the heat until you find a perfect level. Some other blankets with power cords have up to 3 heat settings to give you more than enough regulation options.  


We all want a squishy, soft, and cozy blanket, and you shouldn’t have to give up on these because you want a heated one. The best camping heated blankets are soft with cozy inside materials and very easy-to-clean waterproof surfaces. In addition, the blanket should feel smooth and comfy to promote maximum comfort and relaxation while you use it.

An easy-to-clean surface is important because you may not always have the time to clean the blanket thoroughly. But a clean swipe with a damp cloth should be enough to keep your heated blankets crisp and clean while you camp.

Zonli campling heated blanket

Heating Time

A short heating time is key to enjoying your camping heated blanket. You don’t want a blanket that takes forever to heat up while you shiver and wait. A good amount of heating time is necessary for warmth to spread to all the corners of the blanket, but it definitely shouldn’t take too long.

A good camping blanket should take at least 2-5 minutes to heat, just like the Zonli 2-minute fast heating battery-operated heated blanket. With built-in heating panels, it only takes 2 Minutes to heat and stay warm for 5 hours.


Where to buy the best camping heated blanket  

Zonli Homes is a reliable brand that creates a wide range of bedding products to help you sleep better. Our collection of battery-powered heated blankets has all the qualities of a great camping heated blanket and much more. In addition, we worked with the brightest minds in the industry to create a unique power bank technology that allows you to charge your blanket with any USB charging outlet.  

Luxuriously soft and super portable, the battery-powered blanket is easy to pack and carry around. When you're not wrapped up in the blanket, it can be used as a cozy pillow to rest your head or hug. Once charged, the battery-powered heated blanket collection can stay warm for up to 6 hours.  

Zonli camping heated blankets charge and are ready for use in 2 minutes; this fast-charging feature allows you to use them longer than other blankets.

There are different camping heated blanket options to choose from, each with its unique quality. Browse through our collection to find out which one you would love!

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