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Media Coverage For Zonli: Why Choose Us?

Zonli weighted blanket for adults-grey-20lbs

Lucas Lu |

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. The way you feel while you are awake depends in part on what happens while you are sleeping. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. However, There are increasing numbers of people of the world suffering from poor sleep and psychological well-being problems. In particular, the issues are more severe recent years, because people are experiencing a digital era with rapid development.

As our slogan, Zonli was created to “make sleep better”, aiming to bring more attention to health, sleep, mood and care for people. We choose each fabric, color and texture carefully and pay attention to the entire process, from the art and science of product design to local and ethical manufacturing. Fortunately, all of these efforts paid off and Zonli’s product have been covered by many reliable press, especially the heated blankets and weighted blankets. Here are some of our favorite recent comments, and maybe these can explain why so many people choose Zonli.

Zonli Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket is created for improve overall sleep quality. The pressure of weighted blankets puts your autonomic nervous system into “rest” mode, reducing some of the symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate or breathing. Zonli weighted blankets are designed for absolute comfort. We have a weighted blanket to suit everyone’s taste; from chunky weighted blankets and cotton weighted blankets to bamboo weighted blankets, and it seems the product got  great market recognition.

Newyork Magazine

“Joe Auer, the founder of sleep-product review site Mattress Clarity, thinks it’s among the cooler-sleeping weighted blankets because it’s made from 100 percent cotton, and the glass beads it’s filled with allow for some airflow... I can tell you that I find it particularly durable. After four years of constant use, it doesn’t look worn, and the beads stay in place throughout the night thanks to the quilting stitches on the blanket.”



“The Cooling Weighted Blanket from ZonLi is far more compact than the typical weighted blanket. While most are composed of several layers, ZonLi’s interpretation features a layer of glass beads sandwiched by only two layers of pure cotton fabric... its fabric is made with high-density sewing technology to ensure it’s sturdy enough to keep the beads from leaking. ”



“Unlike other weighted blankets that can get quite warm in the summer, the Zonli bamboo weighted blankets use fabrics with a Qmax of around 0.38. This ensures the chilling fabric keeps you cool like a cucumber in the hottest of the summers...The Bamboo lyocell used in these blankets is organic and free of any harsh chemicals. The Zonli weighted blankets are a cross between premium cotton and silk. The effect of the tow is rather cooling and moisture-wicking. Other than that, the silk and cotton make this blanket ultra-soft and have thermal regulation.”

Sleep Judge

 “Each blanket is made with either a cooling, bamboo viscose or 100% cotton casing. Beneath this outer layer are microfiber and non-glue polyester padded layers to ensure bead stability and add a soft comfort. The blankets are also offered in various neutral solids despite being made to fit inside a duvet cover...All the blankets are filled with a natural, non-toxic micro glass bead filler. Environmentally safe, these provide an evenly weighted feel and are safety sewn into the quilted baffles with high-density stitching to avoid the chance of any leakage.”


Sleep Foundation

“The ZonLi Weighted Blanket’s internal components are high-quality and the blanket is fairly durable when cared for correctly. It’s not backed by any type of warranty, but it still provides a good value when considering the overall cost of the blanket. ZonLi’s weighted blanket could be an excellent match for anyone needing a warm weighted blanket at a below-average price-point.”


 “The ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket is made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic glass beads, two layers of microfiber padding, and two layers of 100 percent cotton for a dreamy compression that keeps you cool throughout the night. It features small square quilting to evenly distribute the beads throughout the duvet. What's more, it's machine-washable for easy cleaning.”


Zonli Heated Blanket

A heated blanket not only helps you have a more comfortable night’s sleep, but also serves several other great purposes. These blankets can help those in physical pain by helping more blood flow through the body, helping to soothe aches and tightness. Zonli Heated blankets offer many features that provide exceptional warmth and comfort. Our battery powered heated blankets is portable, and available for indoor and outdoor activities, making it the best seller in our website.

Sleep foundation

“We’re spotlighting the Zonli Heated Blanket not only for construction and functionality, but also its affordable sticker price. The blanket is available in four different designs — all of which fall well below the $100 threshold — yet still performs at the same level as many higher-priced competitors...Standard Zonli Electric Blankets are designed for four heating levels and a 6-hour automatic shutoff. Two sizes are available for this model, one for single sleepers and the other for couples, and both feature plush fleece covers for maximum coziness. You can also select blankets with stylish stripe fringe along the border. These blankets are available in single-sleeper and couple-friendly sizes, and the latter offers 10 heating levels and a 12-hour automatic shut off.”



Zonli Heated blanket is very soft with a micro-plush interior. It adds more to your comfortable sleep experience in your car. you can use it outdoors while camping or sleeping in your SUV. This blanket warms your body with the heating panels inside...These heating panels are based on modern technology that isn’t harmful to you or the blanket itself. It is versatile and lightweight, so you can easily carry it in your car. As this is a battery-powered blanket, the heating panels heat continuously for around 4-8 hours.”

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