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Do Weighted Cooling Blankets Really Work?

Do Weighted Cooling Blankets Really Work?

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Do you find it hard to sleep? Do you keep tossing and turning in bed because it’s hot? Cooling weighted cooling blankets can help you.

Despite their popularity, many people still ask if weighted blankets really work. If you're one of these people, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll talk about cooling weighted blankets and whether weighted cooling blankets work. First, you may want to know what are cooling weighted blankets?


What Are Cooling Weighted Blankets?


A normal blanket is a large piece of fabric or cloth. It’s usually used in a bedroom to keep the user warm.

Weighted blankets are mostly similar to normal blankets, but much heavier. The extra weight mainly comes from the material inside the fabric.

These blankets give comfort and relaxation. This helps relieve you from stress. As a result, you sleep better and longer.

To minimize overheating, cooling weighted blankets use breathable fabrics, designs, and airflow than normal weighted blankets. These blankets often use temperature-neutral materials. These include cotton, glass beads, and lyocell.

Plus, cooling weighted blankets have been helping people with sleeping difficulties for years.


cooling weighted blankets


Do Weighted Cooling Blankets Really Work?


Cooling blankets are specially designed blankets that can help you control your body temperature. They are usually lighter and more breathable than traditional blankets, comforters, or bedding sets.

Yes, cooling weighted blankets work for three main reasons: giving a cooling effect, helping those living in warm settings, and having temperature-neutral materials.


How Temperature Affects Sleep 


When we sleep, our core body temperature goes down. If a person's sleeping environment is either too hot or too cold, this decline may be affected. As a result, that person's sleep may be disrupted.

In particular, a drop in core body temperature prepares your body for sleep. It also shortens the time it takes for humans to fall asleep.

At night, the body’s core temperature usually drops about 1°C. The lowest body temperature occurs during the early morning.

Conversely, increases in the body’s core temperature make people wake up. About two hours before we wake up, our core body temperature starts to increase. It continues rising throughout the day, peaking in the early evening.

Moreover, people had more abnormal sleep habits during the hotter months, according to a 2017 study.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine also recommends a cool sleep environment to help build healthy sleep habits. A cooling blanket can help you achieve this.


How Cooling Blankets Help People Sleep


Unlike heated blankets, cooling blankets are designed for those who feel hot when sleeping. By taking advantage of airflow and breathable materials, they provide the cool you need to sleep.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that cooling blankets can help people sleep better in warmer weather. Cooling blankets help them when they get too hot using normal blankets as well.

In particular, a cooling blanket helps regulate a person’s sleep in warm conditions.

A cooling blanket can also reduce the degree to which a person sweats. It’s because these blankets use breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin.

Different cooling blankets work in slightly different ways. But the most common thing among them is the use of moisture-wicking, breathable fabric. This promotes cooling by absorbing body heat. It also stops sweat from getting trapped under the blanket.

By doing these, the sleep-inducing and cooling effects of these weighted blankets help people sleep cooler for longer. Weighted blanket users also wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Temperature-Neutral Materials of Cooling Weighted Blankets


Cooling weighted blankets often use the following temperature-neutral materials:




Cotton is the most common fabric used by weighted blanket manufacturers. They use the material for many reasons.

For one, cotton is soft. This gives cooling weighted blankets a snuggly feel. Cotton is also breathable, facilitating proper airflow.

While cotton is mostly a popular fabric for cooling weighted blankets because it’s soft and breathable, it is also used for its thermal properties. Its fiber structure makes it an excellent heat conductor that prevents overheating.


Glass Beads


Glass beads, especially micro glass beads, are a great filling for cooling weighted blankets.

They don’t trap heat the way their counterparts do. This makes it a great option for those living in hotter climates.

In addition, glass beads make less noise compared to other types of fillers. As a result, people whose core temperature has already gone down can stay asleep.

Lastly, the use of glass beads raises the overall weight of the blanket while maintaining a smaller size and less heft. This makes it easier for users to use a heavy blanket.




Lyocell is a naturally cooling substance. It’s also hydrophilic in nature. This means that lyocell attracts moisture, making it extremely absorbent.

So, lyocell effectively wicks moisture away, keeping you cozy all throughout the night.

Aside from being a component of the weighted blanket itself, lyocell is also commonly used to make duvet covers for weighted blankets.


Zonli Cooling Weighted Blanket


cooling blanket


Cotton | Beads  | Hand Wash or Dry Clean

The Zonli Cooling Weighted Blanket is a soothing weighted blanket for adults and children. This blanket lets people unwind and have a good night’s sleep. It’s also perfect for those under a lot of stress.

With high-density stitching technology, Zonli Weighted Blanket is breathable. It also features two layers of microfibre that prevent thread snagging and bead leaking.

Plus, the unique 7-layer design securely holds the beads for optimum breathability. It also keeps you at the optimal temperature. Hence, it’s ideal for all-year use.

The stitching also prevents the beads from changing positions. This means that the weight is evenly distributed on your body.




The best cooling weighted blankets are miracle workers. They cool you down, letting you sleep the way you deserve to.

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