Snuggle Blessing Throw Blanket- Animal

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$59.00 USD

The softest blanket you have ever own. Check out the animal pattern snuggle blanket, care for the animals in the earth. Care for the world.


These Polar Bear Pattern Throw Blankets are available in an extra-large size so they can cover your entire furniture while providing the maximum amount of comfort. The blanket's texture is what makes it so soft. The fibers and materials in the blanket make it one of the most luxurious and soft blankets you've ever experienced.

The Polar bear pattern is what wins every adult’s and kid’s heart. The pattern is not only adorable, but it is beautifully designed by the maker. The subtle color and the texture of the blanket would compel you to buy different pattern throw blankets from our collection!

When you get this blanket home, your kids will be overjoyed because the Polar-Bear pattern blanket is snuggly, cute, and warm.

Nights are comfortable and sweet when you stay warm and snug. The extra-large throw blanket covers you, your partner, and your beautiful babies to keep  you snug throughout the night.

Double-knit blankets are popular because they give you double-styling options. This luxurious, reversible blanket is made from a combination of materials that make it "super soft."

A breathable, good-looking, and warm blanket is up for grabs. Let this warm and cozy blanket become a part of your bedroom or the kid’s room.

"It feels like love is in the air"

A cozy throw blanket that blows your mind

We've spent years honing our knitting technology and mastering the science to create our mind-blowing fabric.

Pretty Pretty face.

Beautiful soul.

A decorative throw blanket is much more than just a decorative throw blanket.

Radically soft.

A blanket cannot compare to how soft she is.

My best friend.

You take her with you wherever you go.

Treat yourself to the incomparable softness

Such a treasure

Our throw blanket has the same quality as the Barefoot Dream blanket but is one-third the price.

Radically soft

Our plush blanket is softer than the softest blanket you've ever owned.

Environmentally friendly

The soft and breathable stuffing is made from recycled material..


Our cozy throw blanket is made with two layers of material, both sides of which are designed in a cozy and chic style.

Machine washable

It can withstand the rigors of the washing machine and dryer.