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Dogster Expert’s Breakdown: Zonli Pet Cooling Mat Review 2024

Dogster Expert’s Breakdown: Zonli Pet Cooling Mat Review 2024

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We’re heading into the summer months where I live and Nevada summers can get hot. There are several ways I like to keep Micah cool when the weather warms up but Zonli’s Cooling Mat has been one of the best. 

Emily Muller, Dogster

Micah with zonli cooling pet mat

What to Expect

The mat arrives in a compressed vacuum-sealed package. After opening the package, pat it down, shake it out, and wait a few hours for it to puff up. Zonli also recommends running it through a wash cycle and drying it on low before you use it. This helps the material return to its original thickness and maximizes comfort for your pet.

Once the mat is dry, you can place it wherever your furry friend likes to rest. It’s lightweight and foldable, which means you can put it pretty much anywhere it fits. It’s also easy to pack, store, and carry, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

How it Works

Many cooling mats have a prepping process that requires water or electricity, but Zonli’s Cooling Mat uses Arc-Chill cool technology fabric. This is a self-cooling material that’s scientifically tested to provide instant cooling without the need for water, electricity, or pre-chilling. It’s the same technology used in human cooling blankets and works by redirecting heat away from your pet’s body to keep your furry friend cool. By delivering twice the chill, the Cooling Mat is highly effective at providing rapid relief on hot summer days.

-Micah-on-mat-with-zonli cooling mat

Check Editor's Experience with the Pet Cooling Mat

We’re heading into the summer months where I live and Nevada summers can get hot. There are several ways I like to keep Micah cool when the weather warms up but Zonli’s Cooling Mat has been one of the best. The pad has over 100 five-star reviews on Zonli’s website, and after trying it out, I see why people and their pets love it.

First of all, the material is heavenly. The mat is soft and plushy and it’s 100% Micah-approved. The cooling side actually feels cold and the heating side has a velvety texture that’s perfect for staying cozy on a cold day. It looks classy too. I like the wave quilting for its sleek look, but the pattern also serves a practical purpose by enhancing breathability.

zonli cooling mat

I like when pet products are hassle-free, so it was important for me to have a mat that’s easy to set up and use. I’ve passed up several cooling pads because they have a long prepping process. But that’s not the case with this one. It doesn’t require water or electricity and doesn’t have to be pre-chilled or refrigerated. Instead, it uses an innovative self-cooling technology that’s scientifically proven to reduce body heat and keep your pet comfortable. And best of all, it works! The material stays cool (even in 90°F heat) and it’s been great for indoor and outdoor use.

Unlike other mats, Zonli’s pad is flexible, so it fits almost anywhere. I’ve been rotating the mat around the house throughout the day so Micah has a cool spot to rest no matter what room we’re in. A few places I’ve put it are the floor, the furniture, and Micah’s bed. It’s also been great to have outside and put on the back seat of the car.

To say Micah loves the mat is an understatement. He fell asleep on it seconds after I unwrapped the packaging (the mat was still folded and the tags were still on). He lays on it all the time and it’s become one of his favorite go-to cooling spots. It fits him perfectly too.

Micah-sitting-on-zonli cooling pet mat

Micah is a 54lb Standard Goldendoodle and I ordered a size large (28” x 48”). When I initially saw the mat, it looked a little small, but after I flattened it out, it was just the right size. Micah has room to lay flat and snuggle with a toy or two. That said, I wouldn’t mind having an extra-large size for him as well. A lot of the time he’s half on the mat and half off due to the rectangular shape, so the extra-large would give him more room to relax and space to sprawl out in all directions.

If you have a dog over 55 lbs or have a few four-legged family members who don’t mind sharing a space, I’d recommend sizing up.If one thing is true, it’s that the cooling mat paid for itself in a few days. All it took was opening the package for Micah to decide the Cooling Mat was the best thing ever, and since it arrived, he’s used it every single day. I love that Micah has a cool place to lay and I’m looking forward to using the velvet side in the winter months.

For anyone contemplating getting a cooling mat for their furry friend, look no further. Not only is Zonli’s Cooling Mat soft and comfortable but it’s a great way to beat the heat.

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