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Expert’s Opinion from Pet Keen: Zonli Pet Cooling Mat Review

Pet Keen

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The Zonli Pet Cooling Mat provides both cushion and coolness, making this a top-tier piece of bedding for any pet, but particularly those in warmer climates. 

Pet Keen

dog lying on a cooling pet mat

What to Expect

The Pet Cooling Mat arrives shrink-wrapped and compact. As soon as you open the plastic, the product starts expanding. Care instructions are printed on an attached label and advise washing the product and air-drying prior to first use. Place this mat in an area your pets frequent, and they will likely be attracted to it – mine sure were!

At this time, the available color choices are light gray, ivory white, and rose pink. All neutral colors that blends into most homes. The design and quality materials used make this a tasteful addition to any room of the home. The Pet Cooling Mat may be used with either side up, but the nylon side will have the best cooling effect for your pet.

Where to Use

One of the best features of the Pet Cooling Mat is its versatility. This pad can be used literally anywhere it fits, and the roll-up design allows you to transport it with ease. It can be used on top of your pet’s existing bed, on your bed, or in a crate. You can place it on a bare floor, on your sofa, or on a patio deck. You can even use it in the car, or outdoors on the ground during a picnic or camping trip. The mat is so lightweight, you can take it anywhere you take your pets.

Check Editor's Experience 

camping with dogs

Gabrielle McGhee

Recently I received a Zonli Pet Cooling Mat, size Large (28” x 48”). It arrived within days of ordering and came vacuum-sealed. I carefully opened the plastic wrap and immediately the product began to expand. I carefully inspected the attached labels, as there were no separate printed instructions included. Care instructions were printed on one label and advised washing the mat and air-drying prior to first use, which I did.

After a thorough drying overnight, I laid the mat on the ground in front of my senior 60 lb Lab mix, Turtle. Chronic illness and age have left him unable to regulate his body temperature as efficiently as he did in his younger days, so I was eager to see if he would take an interest in this new bedding. Right away he began to sniff and step on the edge of the mat. It must have passed the test because he proceeded to walk onto the mat and lie down.

Over the next several days, I tried the mat in different locations around the house. During the day I laid it in front of Turtle’s favorite spot, a floor-to-ceiling window where he can monitor the driveway. Frequently I would find him on the mat in this location, no doubt enjoying the new coolness and comfort. At night I would place the mat lengthwise on the bed between me and my spouse. Usually, Turtle tends to move around a lot at night trying to get comfortable, but since using the Zonli Pet Cooling Mat on our bed, Turtle stays on top of the pad and sleeps soundly through the night. And the large size even has space for his 20 lb “kid sister”, Rooney!

I have also experimented with this mat outside our home. One day I placed it on our pool deck, a favorite hangout spot for the dogs, and they both hopped on the Pet Cooling Mat right away. I have also found that it is the perfect width and length to cover the back seat of my car, so both dogs can ride in total comfort during road trips.

I purchased the Zonli Pet Cooling Mat specifically for my senior dog, but my younger dog loves it, too, and so does my cat. On a few occasions when I have left it on our bed during the day, I have entered our bedroom to find her sleeping soundly on it. I think I’m going to have to buy another one just for her, especially with another steamy Florida summer on the way!

Product Key Features

dogs lying on a cooling mat


Zonli’s thoughtful development of the Pet Cooling Mat is apparent straight out of the package, but the product description on their website reveals the purpose behind every detail. The nylon and Arc-Chill fibers on the “cool side” reduce body heat. The “crystal velvet fabric” on the other side is for cooler weather. The non-toxic cotton filling is a safe material that adds to the comfortability. The quilted design prevents the filling from shifting and keeps the mat in a flat position. All the materials together result in a breathable pad that will not hold heat and does not grow bacteria.


The Pet Cooling Mat easily rolls up and may be secured with a length of ribbon or large rubber band, making it compact enough to fit in small spaces. At a weight of less than 2 pounds, the mat is lightweight for easy transport in a tote or backpack. The rectangular shape makes this pad perfect for use in a dog crate or on the back seat or cargo area of your vehicle.


The neutral colors and quilted design of the Zonli Pet Cooling Mat give this product an elegant appearance that can fit into any home decor. The quality materials used on both sides also lend to its pleasing visual aesthetics. And since this product is machine washable, it can be kept looking great for a long time.


The surface material on either side of the Pet Cooling Mat is easy to brush off, so any dirt or debris picked up from the car or outdoors can be removed without difficulty. The fabrics used also do not attract pet hair, which should be a key feature of any dog bedding but is not always the case. And with a breathable cotton filling, this product is resistant to growing mold and bacteria.


The dual-sided nature of the Zonli Pet Cooling Mat makes it usable in all climates. It may be used inside or out, at home or on the go. It is easily moved to new locations as needed. Both cats and dogs are attracted to it. It may be used for its cooling capabilities, as extra cushioning in a dog crate, or for training such commands as “Place”.

Is the Zonli Pet Cooling Mat a Good Value?

The versatility of this mat meets basic bedding needs for pet parents. But Zonli expanded upon the design of typical pet mats to deliver something exceptional with a product that actively cools. Your pet no longer has to sprawl out on uncomfortable tile floors to find relief. The Zonli Pet Cooling Mat provides both cushion and coolness, making this a top-tier piece of bedding for any pet, but particularly those in warmer climates. With a price point similar to other pet cooling mats on the market, the value of the Zonli Pet Cooling Mat is unquestionable.
cat lying on a cooling pet mat


Zonli’s Pet Cooling Mat has proven to be a valuable addition to our household and has been appreciated by all three of our furry pets. Not only does this pet pad seem to perform as advertised – helping pets stay cool in the heat – but the size, shape, and weight of the mat make it easy to use anywhere it’s needed. Whether that’s on-the-go, or at home in your pet’s favorite spot, you will be pleased every time you see your pet making use of the Pet Cooling Mat, which I promise will be a frequent sight!

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