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The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets of 2023, Based on Lab Testing

The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets of 2023, Based on Lab Testing

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This blanket is cool to the touch, affordable, and well-constructed.

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What Is BHG Recommends?

Next to all of the products on this list, you may have noticed our BHG Recommends seal of approval. Products that earn the seal have been put through rigorous testing to make sure they're worth a spot in your home. We buy most of the products we test ourselves, but occasionally we are provided samples by companies if buying isn't an option. In these cases, we use the same testing criteria we use to test the purchased products.

Who We Are

Erica Reagle is a freelance writer focused on interior design and the home. To write this story, she researched the best cooling weighted blankets and compared her findings to insights from our home tests. She also spoke to Alex Dimitriu, MD, owner of SiliconPsych and BrainFoodMD.

Our Testing Process

Our team of home experts tested out 35 weighted blankets in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa, and evaluated their quality, comfort, warmth, ease of cleaning, durability, and value. 

First, we examined the look and feel of each blanket and noted any flaws, such as loose threads. Then we laid under each blanket for 5 minutes, paying special attention to the airflow and breathability. 

Our testers also evaluated how noisy each blanket was, whether or not the fill was evenly distributed, and if there were any visible tears or snags. We also recorded how well the blankets did after being spot treated and/or washed and dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additionally, some of the weighted blankets were tested in the real world by our home experts over the course of three months to determine how well the blankets stood up to daily use.

What to Know About Cooling Weighted Blankets Before Shopping


Weighted blankets are available in different weights—typically between 10 and 25 pounds. The recommendation is to use a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight Choosing a blanket that is too heavy could make you feel uncomfortable, while a lighter option might not provide the full benefits.

The ZonLi Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket has the most options for weights on our list—there are 10 different weights to choose from.


Cooling weighted blankets are made of breathable materials, like cotton, eucalyptus, or bamboo. They are designed to help regulate body temperature and wick away moisture.

“It is essential for the body to be able to cool during the night, and the more it cools, the deeper the sleep,” says Alex Dimitriu, MD, owner of SiliconPsych and BrainFoodMD.

Some of the cooling-weighted blankets we tested have different materials on each side, so you can cozy up to different textures.

If you are prone to spilling food or drinks, you may also want to look for a material that is easy to clean. 


Most weighted blankets are filled with glass beads or plastic pellets, although some just use heavier natural materials to create the weight.

Keep in mind you may be able to feel the fill in some blankets, which could impact the comfort and quality. For the most comfortable feel, look for a cooling weighted blanket that evenly distributes the glass beads and holds them in place without bunching together in one spot.


The best cooling weighted blankets are easy to clean, and most on our list are machine washable. However, some must be dry-cleaned, hand-washed, or spot treated only. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions to keep your blanket looking and feeling like new. Keep in mind that you may notice some shrinkage or unraveled threads after washing your blanket.

Our Top Pick

ZonLi is a good choice if you’re looking for a high-quality cooling weighted blanket at an affordable price. The quality of construction is evident in the stitching around the edges.

The squares kept the filling from shifting, which is sometimes an issue with other cooling weighted blankets. The cover is made from 100% bamboo viscose, and the blanket is filled with high-density glass beads.

It is available in multiple sizes, weights, and colors and is sure to fit any color theme. This blanket felt cool to the touch to our testers, but it was a little lighter than advertised and felt more like a regular blanket than a weighted blanket.

It held up well during our spot treatment test, and we didn’t see any tears or stains after washing it. Overall, we recommend this blanket because it’s a good price—especially considering the size of the blanket.

Material: 100% bamboo viscose | Fill: High-density glass beads | Care: Machine washable

Your Questions, Answered

Are weighted blankets too hot for summer?

No, weighted blankets can be used comfortably in the summer—especially those made of breathable fabric like bamboo or cotton and designed with cooling properties.

Cooling Weighted Blanket is a great choice for warmer months because it's lightweight and made of 100% cotton. In fact, we loved this blanket so much that it has become a part of our daily routine, despite the weather.

Can weighted blankets help with night sweats?

Yes, the best cooling weighted blankets can help with night sweats by reducing stress and anxiety through deep-pressure stimulation. Just make sure you choose one made of breathable fabric like bamboo or cotton. This weighted blanket is made out of soft bamboo-viscose fabric that provides a comfortable and cooling experience.

What's the difference between a weighted blanket and a cooling weighted blanket?

While both types of blankets provide the same benefits, the main difference between the two is the material.

Weighted blankets can be made out from a variety of materials, but are commonly made from polyester or microfiber.

Cooling weighted blankets, however, are made from more breathable materials such as cotton, bamboo, or eucalyptus. When testing cooling blankets, we evaluated the blankets on airflow and breathability rather than warmth. 

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