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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Is Coming!

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Is Coming!

Lucas Lu |


Season five of the globally popular series, Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, is now available on Disney Channel U.S.  New episodes premiere every Saturday at 10 a.m. ET/PT. 



Miraculous Ladybug Recap

Miraculous is ready to fly into the fall with a new season, and fans are happy to wait for the imminent end. Season 4 wrapped up in the U.S back in March, and before that, Season 3 ended in December 2019. If you need to catch up on the series, all four seasons are currently airing on Disney+, and let’s review what happened in the last 4 seasons.

Marinette and Adrien are two young people with normal lives in Paris. They get the mysterious jewels for Miraculous and become superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir after being endowed with supernatural powers. Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth, the antagonist of the narrative, possesses malevolent abilities. He often used his akumas to take the protagonists’ abilities (akumas are butterflies with negative powers). When the evil Hawk Moth turns ordinary people into super villains, Ladybug and Cat Noir need to use all their talents to keep the city safe. As that wasn't enough for the super-powered pair, each of them also has a secret obsession with the other. Cat Noir will do anything to impress Ladybug, while Marinette longs for Adrienne. Their friendship, teamwork, and skills are the key to defeating Hawk moth and making the world a safer place.

In season five, arch-villain Shadow Moth has never been so close to victory. Ladybug has lost her magical jewelry box, leaving her with only her Miraculous, and Cat Noir with his. In this time of crisis - our heroes work together once again, more united and closer than ever as they find themselves growing and having unforeseen resources. Meanwhile, the former Miraculous Holders, despite losing their powers, continue to step up and find ways to help Ladybug and Cat Noir.



Why do we love Miraculous ladybug?

Ladybugs are associated with a lot of symbolism, spirituality, and Lore throughout the ages. Such things as love, luck, life, spirits, and protection. Spots on ladybugs are thought to indicate the number of blessings that you have received as many ways as the spots. The Miraculous ladybug series is just created to express hope in life and stand up for good and the power of love. On the deep level, there are lots of things that make this an awesome show.


Strong Characters

The portrayal of an independent and strong woman as the main heroine is a large reason for people's watching. Unlike many other television shows directed at children that have male leads, “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir” has a female superhero lead. Just think about how many times Ladybug has had to save Cat Noir instead of the Prince saving the helpless girl. She always defeats the Akuma since she has a heart of gold. She has the power to clean up the mess her battles make, using her creativity to help herself get out of the crisis. Young girls must grow up watching television shows with strong female leads because they pick up on those strong traits and use them in their own lives.

Adrien is charismatic, along with being shy and a bit reserved. While liking to have fun, he is more serious, obedient, and less lively due to his strict upbringing. If something makes him sad, he tries to downplay his feelings about it, like his relationship with his father. He’s such a handsome gentleman and attracts a large number of fans with the scene where he plays the piano.


Creative storyline

Once you turn Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir on for the first time, it’ll be hard not to get hooked. And that’s true no matter how old (or young) you are. Each episode is thoroughly thought out and the storyline is easy to follow while also avoiding predictability. The episodes are super short so it’s super easy to binge-watch.

It has the perfect combination of superheroes & magic. The audience is put in an awkward spot of whether or not to root for Hawk Moth with him being Cat Noirs' father and wanting to get his wife (Adrien’s Mom) back. The famous love square between Adrien/Cat Noir and Marinette/Ladybug is also an essential part of this awesome show.



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Top 3 gifts for Miraculous ladybug fan

With such attractive characters and an excellent plot, it is no wonder that there are many fans of the show. Whatever element of Miraculous Ladybug appeals to fans, it's clear that they would love a gift related to the show.

As a big fan of Miraculous ladybug, Zonli created various Miraculous ladybug offically licensed gift merchadize to support the newly released season 5. Here are our top 3 Miraculous gift items to choose from. 


Miraculous Ladybug Oversized Blanket Hoodie

The wearable blanket combines some miraculous ladybug anime prints. It not only has side seam pockets and ribbed cuffs but also offers high-quality super soft short fleece and fluffy sherpa. You can feel Cat Noir's lovely love for ladybugs in this super soft sweater blanket.

Take a look at this list when you're not sure what to give as a gift. This cartoon blanket hoodie is a great and practical gift for friends, family, boyfriends, and girlfriends to keep them warm and cozy when it's cold. 

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Miraculous Ladybug Blanket

With the print of all of the characters in Miraculous ladybug, Zonli Miraculous Ladybug Blanket comes in various types. 

We have an exquisite collection of Miraculous ladybug outdoor blankets that can be taken on expeditions without taking up too much room in your travel bag. 

Zonli offers the highest quality Miraculous ladybug cooling blankets for adults and kids. These cooling blankets are designed to keep hot sleepers cool and dry all night and help them sleep better and stay asleep longer.

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Miraculous Gift Box

Are you ready to be a part of team Miraculous alongside your favorite superheroes with this collection of Miraculous products? The Miraculous gift box includes one hoodie, one blanket, and one tote bag. The items in this box are matched in the same series: Ladybug, Cat Noir, New York, and so on. You can pick any theme you prefer. This miraculous gift box is the one you won't want to miss if you like getting more than one miraculous gift!

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