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Best Weighted Blankets in 2020: From Budget-Friendly to Organic

Best Weighted Blankets in 2020: From Budget-Friendly to Organic

Lucas Lu |

Recently, weighted blankets have become one of the biggest trends in sleep accessories thanks to TikTok challenges and wellness bloggers claiming they’ve found the best weighted blankets money can buy. They might be exploding in popularity right now, but the truth is they’ve existed for years. According to the Chicago Tribune, the weighted blanket has long been used in therapeutic situations like deep pressure stimulation and touch therapy, and can help treat sensory and anxiety disorders. So, there’s much more to the trend than watching someone fall clumsily beneath its weight in a video.

The concept of the weighted blanket is pretty straightforward. A blanket is filled with a weighted material, like glass or plastic beads, to increase its weight to 5 or more pounds. Advocates for the weighted blanket theorize that the pressure of the weight has a calming effect on the body and mind, emulating the sensation of being hugged or swaddled. Though the experience is bound to be unique for everyone, many have reported that sleeping beneath one provides a deeper rest, thanks to the aforementioned feeling of relaxation.

There’s no one best weighted blanket brand for every kind of sleeper, nor is there one best weighted blanket. Each one is different: Some are heavy and thick, while others err on the lighter side and are made of just a few layers. Some are tailored to promote cooling; others promise to conserve heat. They can be made from an endless variety of materials, from fleece-like fabrics to no-nonsense cotton. Similarly, every weighted blanket comes with distinct instructions for care and washing, but it’s important to note that many are hand wash or spot clean only, though a few feature removable covers that you can pop into the washing machine.

You can find weighted blankets sold at just about any retailer that sells regular blankets, be it Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond. However, they often come at a steeper price than their unweighted equivalents. Most cost between $50 and $150, with a few outliers at both ends of the spectrum (hello$35 weighted blanket, but trust us when we say they’re a worthwhile investment. Teen Vogue rounded up a list of the best weighted blankets out there for all of your needs, whether you’re in the market for the coolest-looking blanket or one to keep you cool at night.

Best Thin Weighted Blanket

The Cooling Weighted Blanket from ZonLi is far more compact than the typical weighted blanket. While most are composed of several layers, ZonLi’s interpretation features a layer of glass beads sandwiched by only two layers of pure cotton fabric. But the blanket’s thinness doesn’t compromise quality — its fabric is made with high-density sewing technology to ensure it’s sturdy enough to keep the beads from leaking. You can buy this blanket in six size and weight options, from 36-by-48 inches and 5 pounds to 80-by-87 inches and 20 pounds.

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