Sage Green Throw Blanket

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Product Info: Everyone sure does want that comfy soft blanket that sends you to dreamland and leaves you right there. Sage Green Throw blankets are right snapping at your heels on that desire. The comfort they deliver when laid on your sofa in the living room is second to none. You just can't find them with your regular kind of blankets. They are adept at relieving you of the entire day of stress you must have experienced so rapidly that you don't have to spend long hours to recuperate.

The unique embroidery is essentially weaved to create an irresistible appeal to all and sundry that you wouldn't want to allow pass you by. State-of-the-art needlework conveys the smoothy and lush feel when you touch these Sage Green Throw blankets deeming it necessary for a special washing procedure that preserves its delicateness that rivals the popular and enjoyable cashmere blankets. The softness is nothing to be compared to these very same cashmere blankets you can bet on that.

Material: 70% Polyester 30% Viscose

Design Concept: Have you seen blankets in touch with the revolving age and times? Pretty difficult, you would agree with me. But here is where the Sage Green Throw blankets aren't in the same league as other known blankets. They offer a digital and revolutionary sense to their designs. The creasing process is carefully worked on giving that nice little and beautiful fold that isn't found in your regular type of blankets which have one patterned arrangement of folds lacking any inviting appeal. The geometric sense introduced to the pattern simply makes Sage Green Throw blankets stand out from the rest highlighting their consonance with the digital age.

You just can't simply get over the intricate needlework that went into this piece of artistic craft. It is such a marvelous sight to behold leaving you starstruck in admiration. This definitely implies that the maintenance would be second to none. You most certainly wouldn't want to ruin this wonderful masterpiece by using bleach, trust me. The result is one your eyes wouldn't want to feast on. A low tumble dry ensures these Sage Green Throw blankets retain their snug softness and remain absorbent. Yes! The original smoothness that these blankets came with and the efficiency at warming your body stays! And for the best care, you need to machine-wash differently with cold water on a gentle cycle. Doing anything different would disrupt the fine blend of colors.

Suitable For:The majestic combo of viscose rayon and polyester makes it fittingly useable for many purposes. Office work as stressful as it can be on many occasions can really become enjoyable and an experience to look forward to only because of Sage Green Throw blankets. It appears to relieve the body of the tensions of deadline dates as you recline at its smooth and cushy fabric weavings. Asides from being a great and classy decor in the workplace, without any doubts, but still, you just can't stop gushing over the beautiful feeling it gives at a recline especially when every other person is feeling the heat of intense work schedules.

Lunch breaks got a lot more juicer with Sage Green Throw blankets. A perfect meal plus a comfy place to rest is such a delight, especially when in the camaraderie of your friends. The more the merrier you would say. You don't just get to enjoy the comfortable chairs, your circle does too! Can it get any better than this? As you get in at your delicious meal wouldn't it be also wonderful to have a snug chair to sit and relax on? Such an unbeatable offer is guaranteed with Sage Green Throw blankets.