Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket ZonLi
Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket ZonLi
Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket ZonLi
Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket ZonLi
Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket ZonLi
Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket ZonLi

Wrapped Edge Throw Blanket

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Product Info: Great blankets are very rare to find, and if you find any, they do cost an arm and a leg. Too expensive that you just might be breaking your bank. With this wrapp-edged throw blanket, you get excellent quality and very affordable pricing all in one. Who wouldn't want to have that? Trust me, you can absolutely bet on this, no one would want to miss out on such a golden opportunity.

It is made of the finest polyester. A hundred percent that makes it unbeatable in the market. The tassels at the end are wonderfully and uniquely weaved about giving it an undeniable pastoral look. With all these exquisite features, you don't want to spoil such beautiful human craftsmanship by ignorant carelessness. Washing must be done gently in cold water whilst maintaining a gentle cycle. The drying procedure should be devoid of any heat of any kind plus bleaching should be totally avoided.

(As I said many times, don’t stress price. Emphasize on the product itself and what could go with it to make it sexy)

It comes at an amazing price, as you may have it, of $75.99 allowing you to choose a variety of colors ranging from red to green to even white. So, with this, you could possibly have a pick at any color that absolutely delights you and makes you comfy increasing the diversity of throw pillows you can use. The style of weaving of this wrapp edged throw blanket speaks of extreme dexterity and utter deftness employed to its embroidery. With this feature, comfort and consistent use are most assured.

The size is surely one standout feature. A 50" x 60" throw blanket at such an amazing rate is totally worth considering. This dimension gives it a wonderful fit in for storage. The buck does stop at your table, but you should really give this a big try, it wouldn't be disappointing.

Material: 100% Polyester

Design Concept: The excellent and unmatchable texture which is a result of diligent and skillful effort ensures the knitted tassel gives a cozy and sleek appearance that can't be denied. The variety of colors chosen just perfectly rhymes with the pastoral feeling you want to have when you use these fridges edged throw blankets. The weaving employed is such a delight to watch and a calm assurance to the soul. It is a warp and weft interweaving one that ensures you get good value for your purchase and more importantly a magnificent feel on your fabric. You certainly can't get this anywhere!

Suitable For:You absolutely reckon those memorable times when you are engrossed in your favorite TV series and just need to get that feeling of warmth especially when the scenes begin to heat up and your nerves tingle. Your mug of chocolate doesn't do the entire work of comfort, then your wrapp edged throw blankets to the rescue, you can easily grab these wrapp edged throw blankets and have a nice feeling as you treat yourself to home entertainment. And, what about that time you dedicate solely to unwind and lose teeming concerns that encumber your heart? Your leisure time can't get any better as you can wrap this fridge edged throw blankets around your body and cruise to a lighter mind. Certainly, the aesthetics aren't left out, you have a wonderful decor material at your fingertips when you purchase these blankets. The fact that its use isn't even restricted to the living room sofa just gets exciting. A bit of life to that dull and uninspiring bedside area can happen when you choose these amazing blankets, you can bank on that. Even on the cabinets, yes, they can make for a great look and complement to your furniture ware.

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"It feels like love is in the air"

cozy throw blanket that
blows your mind

Years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology helped us perfect the science and create our mindblowing fabric.

Pretty Pretty face.

She is such a beauty. One of a kind design

Beautiful soul.

Radically soft.

She is softer than every blanket you've ever owned

My best friend.

"I carry her everwhere you go"

Treat yourself to the incomparable softness

Such a treasure

Our throw blanket is one third price of that barefoot dream blanket with the same quality .

Radically soft

Imagine the softest blanket you've ever owned? Our snug throw blanket softer than that.

Environmentally friendly

Plush and breathable filling is made using recycled materials.


Our cozy throw blanket is made with two layers of snug-fitting material,both sides are designed in cozy chic style.

Machine washable

Survive and thrive in the washer and dryer.

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