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Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

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Light Grey
Pink Daisy
Blue Animal
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Blue/White Stripes
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About Weighted Idea


Hi, we are Weighted Idea, a company solve your sleep problems with scientific intelligence. We firmly believe that quality sleep matters. Good sleep boosts good mood, make us nicer, warmer and fuzzier. The world would be much brighter, if all of us could have quality sleep.

Convinced of this, Weighted Idea decided to go into weighted blanket industry in 2016. we’re so glad to see the idea of weighted blanket became more and more popular. It’s our duty to introduce products with small technology to get you a better and healthier sleep.

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Read before Purchasing

queen size weighted blanket

A: Adjustment Period: Please give 7-10 days for your body to adjust to the blanket before you can experience the full benefits of the product.

B: Smaller Size: A weighted blanket is usually smaller than a traditional blanket of the same size, which could help to concentrate the weight on your body.

C: Hot Sleepers Should Know:The material of our weighted blanket is soft and breathable, which is suitable for all seasons. But hot sleepers may feel hot during warm days due to its weight, so a fan or an AC. is recommended.

D: Care Instructions: We recommend spot clean and flat dry. Frequent wash would damage the structure of the blanket, so we suggest use a duvet cover for the aim of easy cleaning.

E: Cautions: Do not cover your face with the blanket in case of suffocation.

Keep clear of fires, heaters, or any other heat sources.

People with health risks should consult your doctor before using weighted blankets.