Textured Knitted Throw Blanket

$49.00 USD
By ZonLi


Product Info: You don't get too many blankets that can serve as a great accompaniment, especially for leisure times. Taking that time off to just unwind can never be complete without having that special blanket alongside. Textured Knitted Throw Blankets are those special kinds of blankets. Leisure hours are now times to look forward to because you are sure to ease off all that accumulated stress built up through the week.

Textured Knitted Throw Blankets give you an unbelievable comfort that is just but simply heavenly. You are sent to cloud nine by a simple touch of these blankets, how about when you wrap them around you on a very cold and breezy night? That experience surely would be indescribable, too deep to be put in actual words, only a real experience can truly inform you about the fluffiness associated with these blankets.

These blankets are hypoallergenic. That's just a fancy word put up the fashion gurus on very reduced chances of irritating the skin. In such a case of sensitive skin, you don't have to worry whether you could come down with skin problems.You get health safety on two counts: respiratory problems in the event of cold and dermal problems in the event of inflammation.

Material: 100% Polyester

Design Concept: The blankets are made by a unique warp and weft weaving technique that prevents the blankets from draping with loosely hanging threads. This procedure adopts a very strong structural design which doesn't only establish some form of firmness and sturdiness to these blankets but also leaves Textured Knitted Throw Blankets very elastic. They expand proportionately with the stress set against them. These blankets are neither too hard nor too soft.

Textured Knitted Throw Blankets aren't only strong and resistant to pilling because of this unique weaving process, they are also resistant to fading. The brilliant color shades of ginger, caramel, and apricot in which these blankets are made aren't easily lost after repetitive use. They provide that continuous matching with those your available throw pillows giving a unique styling to your home interiors.

Washing them should be strictly done with cold water in a gentle cycle. And, even whilst you are trying to get them dried, intense heat is strongly recommended so that the fine fibers don't break away losing their original tensile strength. Bleach should not be considered at all for even a second as it can possibly alter the pristine nature of these throw blankets.

Suitable For: These blankets are trendy and will add a rusty charm to your home, living room, bedroom, dorm room, or anywhere around the house.

Get ready for a long blissful experience you can only get from our soft blanket. You deserve it! And you can also share this experience with your loved ones and even pets. Memories can be created with our blankets! And it's all guaranteed to be blissful!

"It feels like love is in the air"

cozy throw blanket that
blows your mind

Years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology helped us perfect the science and create our mindblowing fabric.

Pretty Pretty face.

She is such a beauty. One of a kind design

Beautiful soul.

Radically soft.

She is softer than every blanket you've ever owned

My best friend.

"I carry her everwhere you go"

Treat yourself to the incomparable softness

Such a treasure

Our throw blanket is one third price of that barefoot dream blanket with the same quality .

Radically soft

Imagine the softest blanket you've ever owned? Our snug throw blanket softer than that.

Environmentally friendly

Plush and breathable filling is made using recycled materials.


Our cozy throw blanket is made with two layers of snug-fitting material,both sides are designed in cozy chic style.

Machine washable

Survive and thrive in the washer and dryer.