Summer Cooling Mat For Pets

$29.00 USD $59.00
By ZonLi

  • Made With Top-Notch Quality Materials : Zonli summer cooling mat for pets is made of 100% nylon cool feeling fabric and Japanese arc-chill cool technology fabric. This beautiful pet mat from Zonli has a quilted design with no shrinkage or color loss. The middle is filled with thick cotton, and the back is made of crystal velvet fabric. Its Q-Max value reaches 0.35 (most cool-sensing fabrics reach only 0.2).

  • Let Your Pets Enjoy A Cool Summer:Our cooling mat for pets will ensure that your dog will never have to experience heat exhaustion. It can quickly reduce your dog's body heat and let him sleep comfortably, even during the hottest summer nights. In addition, our summer cooling mat requires no water, electricity, or refrigeration. You just need to put the self-cooling mat in the dog's favorite spot.

  • Incredibly Soft & Breathable Cooling Pet Mat:Cooling fiber, moisture-proof and warm double-sided design make our cooling pet mat perfect for all-season use. Our high-quality workmanship ensures the cooling pet mat is durable enough and chew-proof. You no longer have to be bothered by your pet chewing through the gel dog cooling mat and getting poisoned from eating the leaking gel. This mat offers good breathability and is absolutely safe for the furry member of your family.

  • Easy To Maintain & Machine-Washable:Compared with disposable puppy pee pads on the market, our machine washable summer cooling pet mat saves you money via our one-time cost and countless washing durability. Unlike dog beds in shag fur, you need not spend lots of time removing pet fur and dander before putting Zonli dog cooling mats into the washing machine.

    With the Zonli summer cooling mat for pets, you will never see your dog panting and struggling in the hot summer again.

Reason to love our pet products

Self-Cooling Technology

Compared to most cool-sensing fabrics (Q max value of 0.2), the Zonli pet cooling mat comes with a Q-MAX value of 0.35. It quickly reduces the body heat of your dog, enabling him to sleep comfortably, even on the hottest summer nights.

Double-sided use

This garment is made of 100% nylon lightweight breathable fabric and Arc-chill cool technology fabric on the surface, thick cotton on the middle, and crystal velvet on the back. Enjoy the coolness while being soft and breathable, suitable for all-season use. The design is quilted, with no shrinkage, no color loss, comfortable and stylish.

Breathable & Safe

Cooling fiber and moisture-proof and warm double-sided design make our cooling dog bed convenient for all seasons. High-quality workmanship ensures the cold pet mat is durable and chewproof. Now, you don't have to worry about your pet chewing through the gel dog cooling mat and getting poisoned from eating the leaking gel. Good breathability, doesn't breed mold or bacteria easily.

Packable and portable

The dog bed can be folded and slid into the carry bag; the bag is portable, allowing you to roll up the mat, making it convenient for traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities.