Mountain Throw Blanket

$49.00 USD
By ZonLi


Product Info: One of the beautiful feelings that really can happen to anyone would be getting right under a blanket on a cold and windy night. Such ecstasy is simply heavenly.

These blankets are resistant to pilling. The toughness of polyester is responsible for this resistance feature. You won't see the interlacing threads of this material hang loosely after washing much to your discontent. They stay all aligned in the pattern they were weaved. Even a sharp colour change aren't known with these special breed of blankets. Repetitive use doesn't in anyway cause a fade away of the fine hue the colours of the fabric give. You are guaranteed to have the very same colours with their contrasts just the way you got them.

Asides from the temperature regulation, the mountain throw blankets offer you, because of their amazing breathability, they are hypoallergenic. Much interestingly, mountain throw blankets become softer and lusher after washing.

Material: 100% Polyester

Design Concept: The weaving procedure employed to produce these blankets is just sublime.  The colors somehow find a way to be released in a uniquely pleasing way that leaves the consumer awestruck. The intricacy of the threading is a marvelous sight to behold that you can't help but be whisked away into dreamland.

The adorable dash of the classic colors, camel, and brown gives an admirable sense of beauty to the consumer. The classic hue hatches memory of vintage and old school.

The rarity of this particular kind of blankets is a reflection of the intricate designs that are worked into them. This also must be considered during washing after use. A cold and wash on a gentle cycle is advised to keep these blankets in perfect top shape. Also worthy of note is the fact that whilst washing, to avoid the fine blend of colours fading away, bleach should be entirely avoided to maintain the sacrosanct nature of these indoor blankets. Heating should be omitted whilst drying them for reuse, it is quite important this is followed through to the latter.

Those standout tassels at the edges of mountain throw blankets add another layer of beauty which almost immediately lit up the rooms you keep them in. You are sure to enjoy warmth also with these blankets every single time. The same results would consistently always be recorded each time a mountain throw blanket is called up for use. You are certain every time to get a fine complement in these blankets to any of those amazing throws.

Suitable For: You are looking for a way to give a dapper and nice look to that slovenly-looking bedroom of yours, surely you are right on track with mountain throw blankets. The dash of colors radiating from the beautiful embroidery combines perfectly with the right kind of throw pillows. That bedroom can indeed spring into its life once again with these blankets. What are you waiting for? They are real lifesavers plus the greatest companions if you may add. They hug you to warmth beyond which the prevailing coldness can ever reach.

"it feels like a perfect autumn"

cozy throw blanket that
blows your mind

Years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology helped us perfect the science and create our mindblowing fabric.

Pretty Pretty face.

She is such a beauty. One of a kind design

Beautiful soul.

Radically soft.

She is softer than every blanket you've ever owned

My best friend.

"I carry her everwhere you go"

Hit the Sand With Ease

Such a treasure

A one third price of that barefoot dream blanket with the same quality

Radically soft

Imagine the softest blanket you've ever owned? It's softer than that.

Environmentally friendly

Plush and breathable filling is made using recycled materials


With two layers of snug-fitting material,both sides are designed in cozy chic style.