Miraculous Ladybug Weighted Blanket -Sports On

$59.00 USD

Size & Weight

Kids can finally be their favorite superhero with the Spot On Outdoor Weighted Blanket! Now your kids get to pick a power of choice and become that person they were meant to Be. Pick an amazing color for yourself, or maybe one of our many colors available- there is something perfect in store just waiting on you at this superstore!

Our weighted blanket for kids stimulates the body's serotonin and endorphin production without uncomfortable restrictions. It contains just enough non-toxic beads to provide deep pressure touch stimulation without awkward limitations. The body produces serotonin and endorphins when the deep pressure of the weight is applied, causing the body to relax.

During the night, the pineal gland converts serotonin to melatonin, a natural sleep-inducing hormone. It's the perfect present for your children. It comes in a bright red background with Cat Noir and ladybug wiki.

What sets us apart?

We spent years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology to perfect the science. This led us to create an amazing fabric that will blow your mind!

Better Sleep

This natural sleep aid gives your body what it needs to feel at ease.


The design of these blankets allows for superior breathability and ventilation because it has loops that freely airflow through the material.

Weighted Evenly

These blankets' unique, hand-knitted design ensures you get a quality product. The lack of beads and the evenly distributed weight make them perfect for any activity!

Machine Washable

The durable fabric of this blanket means it can be machine washed and dried without worrying about damage. To keep the colors bright, line dry in a low heat setting with an old pillow case or tee shirt for protection against wrinkles!

Sleep Soudly Again

The warmest hug

The original and one-of-a-kind Miraculous Outdoor Blanket will make any occasion memorable. This product is a must-have for all lovers of warm weather and sunsets over water views in your home or office space!

Get Quality Sleep together

When your child has anxiety, you might feel as if there is nothing that can be done for them. But our weighted blankets are designed with specific weights and densities, which make it easier to soothe oneself when faced with stressful situations!

Premium quality

You deserve the best. Our blankets are made with natural glass beads that will keep you warm without any unnecessary warmth seeping into your skin or clothing, making it a great option for those who have sensitive joints and muscles!

Support & Comfort

Zonli is an app designed to provide you with the support your body needs. Whether it's for weight loss or stress relief, Zonli has got this covered so their users can spend more time relaxing and less worrying about how they'll make ends meet!

Designed for everyday use

Made from a soft, stretchy fabric that supports your child's sensory needs. The 2-piece duvet style removable cover makes it easy to remove the top layer and wash at home!

The perfect gift

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