Luxury Cat Tree| Cat Scratcher | Cat Climbing Tree

$99.99 USD $199.00
By ZonLi


Despite the fact that you might not think of cats as particularly tree-savvy, cat trees are a must for every house cat. It keeps your cat away from your furniture and bookshelves, give them something new to scratch, a place to stretch out, and a place to snooze. 

And if your cats are anything like mine then they like to climb. A lot. Bring it home, give him/her a comfortable and interesting home.

Designed specifically for indoor cats, our cat tree tower is made of high-quality materials. It is a safe place for cats to play, explore, hide, scratch, or relax. This is a nicely streamlined form design that kittens can climb and jump on. It has spacious hideaway houses with plenty of beds and play space. With this cat condo, you'll be able to accommodate your large one while keeping your little one entertained.

Security should always be the top priority. The sturdy construction can ensure your furry babies are safe while climbing up and down. The plush covering offers a skin-friendly experience for your furry friends while protecting them from falling. Featuring CARB-certified P2-grade particle board construction, this luxury cat tree is built to withstand cats' intensive movements and attracts their attention, so your kitty can have fun at home alone.