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Intelligent UV Disinfection Knife Holder Rack

Drying and mildew proof, 99% Sterilization rate, Timed sterilization.

Moldy and blackening in a damp kitchen is troublesome

Wood, plastic or metal can easily breed a lot of mold in a humid kitchen.
When using chopsticks or knives, most people will first rinse with running water and use it again.
Rinsing can only remove dust, but cannot eliminate attached mold.

UV sterilization rate 99% Prevent diseases by mouth

UV sterilization
Use wavelength: 265~285nm ultraviolet radiation
Destroy the DNA and RNA structure of various viruses and bacteria
Kill bacteria and viruses, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus.

Cruise sterilization every 4 hours

5MM foot pad design
Isolation table area water

Large capacity design

Meet the needs of a 3-5 people's family

100% safe design

Internal circuit board base
Good water and electricity isolation

Cylindrical tower design

Insert the knife firmly

Material: Food Grade PP
Size: 154 * 154 * 261mm

Portable washable design

Pull out and keep the knives and tableware properly before disassembling and washing!

Correct maintenance method

Do not wipe it with organic solutions such as gasoline to avoid causing corrosion to the surface material.

Size Chart

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