Herringbone Blanket

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Product Info: The Herringbone pattern throw blanket is an excellent choice for those seeking durability and ease of maintenance in a cashmere blanket. It is as soft as a regular cashmere blanket, but it is easier to maintain and lasts longer. The Herringbone blanket is an excellent addition to your home as its available in different varieties. These throws are fluffy, smooth, and long-lasting, which makes them excellent for all three qualities in one!

Compared to all the other blankets, the Herringbone pattern throw blanket eliminates dog-ear folding to make it an excellent option. This blanket's fabric does not drape awkwardly, making it a perfect choice for even the most demanding customers. Washing the blanket is fairly simple. A tumble dry on low preserves the blankets' fluffy softness and absorbency. The initial smoothness of these blankets is retained, as well as their ability to keep you warm! To care for them properly, wash them separately in cold water on a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

It's important not to wash with other clothes and blankets because their unique color blends will be altered due to their large size. You may choose between red or brown hues, which means you'll be able to choose what you like and enjoy after washing. A red throw pillow, for example, would be ideal for your living room and add a regal touch.

Bring home the Herringbone Blanket to add a beautiful element to your blissful home. Zonli makes the most comfortable, breathable, and easily washable blankets.

Material: 70% Polyester 30% Viscose Design

Concept: The very subtle almost discernible herringbone pattern is one that gives a very unique taste to this blanket. The uncanny craftsmanship employed to produce this embroidery is superimposed all over this work. You can easily see the adroitness invested to create these blankets which are worthy of absolute appreciation.You don't want to forget the fringed borders on both sides that perfectly blend with the pattern imprinted on the blanket which passes for a royal token.

The synthetic material which this Herringbone pattern throw blanket is made from is maximally exploited to produce a well-rounded blanket that can't be faulted on any side. This most definitely is sure to be a delight to the designer and most importantly to the consumer whilst leaving behind a taste of excellence and competence.

The classic chevron pattern is yet another icing on the cake.The pattern with its rough hemming on both sides creates an unusual and fascinating sense of craftsmanship that leaves you more intrigued. Such a combination of designs and patterns can only be magical and the hands that did them are blessed. Such hard work blended with inexplicable finesse shouldn't be left underappreciated. This means they can go with those square-shaped throw pillows at the deck of the sofa.

Suitable For: You absolutely reckon those memorable times when you are engrossed in your favorite TV series and just need to get that feeling of warmth especially when the scenes begin to heat up and your nerves tingle. Your mug of chocolate or even possibly brown tea doesn't do the entire work of comfort and calmness, then your fringe edged throw blankets come to the rescue, you could easily grab these herringbone pattern throw blankets and have a nice feeling as you treat yourself to epic home entertainment. And, what about that time you dedicate solely to unwind and lose teeming concerns that encumber your heart?Your leisure time can't get any better as you can wrap these throw blankets around your body and cruise to a lighter mind.

Certainly, the aesthetics aren't left out, you have a wonderful decor material at your fingertips. The fact that its use isn't even restricted to the living room sofa just gets exciting. A bit of life to that dull and uninspiring bedside area can happen when you choose these amazing blankets, you can bank on that. Even on the cabinets, yes, they can make for a great look and complement to your furniture ware.

A cozy throw blanket that blows your mind

Our science and technology were highly developed to create our amazing fabric through years of iteration.

Pretty Pretty face.

Beautiful soul.

Radically soft.

A blanket can't compare to how soft she is.

My best friend.

You take her with you wherever you go.

The snuggles is real

Premium Material

Boho throw blankets are produced with high-quality microfiber, which is soft, breathable, and durable. Because of the high-quality weaving process, these blankets are stylish and high-quality.

The forever-soft blankets

They are the blanket of your dreams, super soft and cozy. Beyond providing comfort and warmth, they'll complement your interior decorating nicely.

Unique Design

This hand-knotted tasseled throw blanket will be the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. It's a great way to add vintage and trendy style to your décor. It's easy to incorporate into a variety of settings. Our white throw blanket is 50" x 60" and available in four colors.


There are many places where you may display this blanket. It provides warmth, softness, and comfort in addition to being a pleasant decoration. It may also be used outdoors for camping, hiking, picnics, traveling, or work.

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Easy Care

Our priority is to satisfy our clients. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We request that you avoid dry cleaning, tumble drying, and machine washing in cold water on a gentle cycle, as this may damage the fabric of the garment.