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Gatlin Bubble Machine Toy Whale for Kids



  • Compact structure, easy to use
  • Stimulate active games and develop hand-eye coordination
  • Ignite the bubbles. Perfect for parties and endless joy
  • Bubble shooter games provide children with a smart and practical shopping experience.

Care instructions:

  •  It is recommended to use the new battery for the product. Sufficient voltage can ensure the fan's wind power is appropriate.
  • There is a small dish for pouring soapy water in the product. You pour an appropriate amount of soapy water on the plate first, and then use the muzzle of the bubble gun to gently and evenly dip some soapy water.
  • Press the switch to let the fan blow to blow out the bubbles.
  • Be careful not to keep the muzzle immersed in bubble water and make the fan wet, that will cause the bubbles will not disperse and stick together. If the fan gets wet, you can also disassemble the muzzle and dry the fan before using)


Not include 3x1.5 V AA batteries original box and bubble water

Packing includes:

Gatling*1+chassis*1 (no bubble water )