Cooling Floor Mattress

$199.00 USD
By ZonLi

Put your shoes off after a long day at work and relax on the soft floor mattress.
Zonli cooling floor mattress is useful in a variety of ways.  It's perfect for small spaces. You can fold or roll them away in the day, freeing up space for everyday activities.

This floor mattress can be slept on anytime and anywhere without a bed frame. It can be used in place of yoga mats or for sleeping purposes. You can even take it with you when you are on trips and camping, as they are very portable and fold down easily.

Made of high-quality Eperan-PP™ foam and durable sponge, this floor mattress conforms to your body and provides seamless support and balance. The cooling PE cover makes you feel refreshed and cooled down.

Suitable for small sweet home, dorms, apartments, this cooling floor mattress will be a perfect addition to your living space.