Checkerboard Throw Blanket

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Product Info: Blankets are a great and exciting way to add color and warmth to any space. This is all that can be said of your regular blankets. Blankets like the Checkerboard Throw Blanket much more than these kinds of additions, there are other standout features about throw blankets especially the Checkered types which make them the rave of the moment and under high demand.

Checkered Throw Blanket is made from the finest of materials; polyester. This confers durability to these blankets. You are sure to get a reasonable lasting life after purchase. Imagine having to get a blanket and in no less than three months after buying it, it is looking like a sharp shadow of its former self. You will be gutted with such a development. Checkerboard Throw Blankets have come to change such perceptions. You are certain that your Checkered throw blanket would retain its original format in which it came.

Aside from that special feature of durability, these throw blankets are resistant to pilling. The toughness of polyester is responsible for this resistance feature. You won't see the interlacing threads of this material hang loosely after washing much to your discontent. They stay all aligned in the pattern they were weaved. Even a sharp color change isn't known with these special breeds of checkerboard throw blankets. Repetitive use doesn't in any way cause a fade away of the fine hue the colors of the fabric give. You are guaranteed to have the very same colors with their contrasts just the way you got them.

Material: 100% Polyester

Design Concept: The elasticity associated with this checkerboard throw blanket stems from the strong structural design adopted. This unique upgrading process also ensures that these blankets come in a very soft texture you would absolutely enjoy, trust me. These days you don't knit blankets in the grueling old-school ways where you would sit for very long hours, but truth be told there are these vibes that come from the products made by this tiring process. With Checkerboard Blankets, you get those retro handmade vibes yet again.

You wouldn't definitely want to ruin this brilliant masterpiece by using bleach, you can be certain of this truth. The outcome is obviously one your eyes wouldn't want to behold and is sure to leave you cringing afterward. A low tumble dry ensures these blankets retain their former fluffy softness and remain succulent. Yes! The original plushness that these blankets came with and the maximal efficiency at warming your body stays! And for the best care, machine-wash separately with cold water in a gentle cycle. Don't wash together with others as they can possibly change the unique blend of colors they came in and originally gave them their attractive feature.

Suitable For: The feathery weight of two pounds makes it absolutely perfect for everyday household decoration. During those special times of the year, to mark such celebrations at home, your living room can be decked with these beautiful blankets. You would say that is too temporary, however, they could give an excellent photo background permanently in your living room. The bedside area isn't spared of this craftsmanship. They can also be styled up with these checkered throw blankets.

What measure of delight awaits as you look at that once upon a time disoriented and jumbled-looking favorite corner now looking like what you have always desired? The nice-looking embroidery that makes small pleats on the surface of the blankets is enough to sweep you off your feet. The sweetest part is this arrangement is long-lasting ensuring you wake up each day beholding beauty exuding from those blankets garrisoning those tiled floors.

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cozy checkerboard throw blanket that
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Years of iteration and highly specialized knitting technology helped us perfect the science and create our mindblowing fabric.

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Checkered throw-Home Essentials

Such a treasure

checkered throw blanket is warm, on-trend and oh so in demand. throw it over the bed for a cozy little makeover that’s sure to impress the next time you have guests over.

Radically soft

Imagine the softest blanket you've ever owned? It's softer than that.

Environmentally friendly

made using recycled materials.

time for snuggles

big enough to snuggle up against your body with maximum comfort.

Match Any Room's Decor

Looks fabulous everywhere. A machine washable multifunctional blanket with a thin thickness suitable for travel and for use in the bedroom and on the sofa at home, simply laid on the bed is very beautiful.