Premium Cotton Weighted Blanket

$62.00 USD


Zonli Cotton Weighted Blanket: Made Of Top-Notch Material

Zonli cotton weighted blankets are made from top-class material that gives you this soothing feel and helps you catch the train to dreamland in a short while. Our cotton blankets perform better than other synthetic fabric materials and are made with a highly breathable and ultra-soft cotton fiber material that combines durability, wellness, and comfort.

Perfect The Art Of Deep Relaxation

We bring you Zonli cotton weighted blankets designed to stimulate that nice spot for top-notch comfort. Designed by our experts to give you that quality rest you deserve, this blanket transcend beyond comfort and bring heaven to you. It's like having your head in the clouds.

The Perfect Cotton Weighted Blanket For You

Zonli cotton weighted blankets are very much unlike the regular blankets we have these days. They are not too thick or thin. Just the right texture and feel to give you that nice sleep you need, especially after a hectic day.

Say Goodbye To Uneasy Nights!

Zonli cotton weighted blankets are designed for moisture control to give you a natural dry feel and remove perspiration when you're under the covers and not the hard, itchy feeling that comes with some regular blankets. Our cotton weighted blankets are proven to help you get better sleep with their hypoallergenic feature that makes them less likely to cause allergies if you are one with sensitivity conditions.

Get A Sound Sleep With Zonli Cotton Weighted Blanket

Our cotton weighted blankets are durable, sustainable, and luxurious and will make you feel loved by giving you a cozy bear hug feeling, relieving much of the stress and pain from the day's activities, lightening and refreshing your mood, and enabling you to wake with full energy and vitality. If you are one that experiences sleep disorders, our cotton weighted blankets are a sure way to get around these disorders by giving you a deeper and sweeter sleep.

Durable Cotton Weighted Blanket: Available In A Comprehensive Range Of Options

There's no need to fear your blankets getting stained. Zonli cotton weighted blankets are produced with cotton fibers that are easily washable. Created aesthetically with unique designs to suit your taste, our cotton weighted blankets are available in different colors and sizes of any preference and come with blanket covers with internal clasps to keep them in place inside the covers whenever they're not in use. This is provided to ensure that our cotton weighted blankets maintain the durability and classy quality that our products are known for.